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Happy Happy Joy Joy!

My last couple entries have been either angry or just kinda depressing, so this one will be happy, damnit! :D

- Brokeback Mountain came to my city early! *does happy dance* They've been promoting it like every other commercial so I thought I'd double check to see if any of our "artsy" theaters got it in this weekend instead of next, and TWO of them did! So, I'm off to see it tonight!!

- Despite all the food, cookies, brownies and CRAP I ate last weekend, (going to bed with a horrible tummy ache I might add) and only going to the gym once last week, I still managed to LOSE weight. WTF? Whatever caused this miracle I'm thankful for, 'cause I thought for sure I'd put on 5 pounds. Those new jeans were feeling a little snug on Sunday.

- Last night I ran for a full 28 minutes! (I warm-up the first 2 & cool-down the last 5) But this is the first time I've been able to run the entire time, and for the last minute I cranked it up and ran full speed before the cooldown. 21 minutes was my max time before then, and 7 minutes doesn't seem like much time, but it is when you're running and are tired as hell. I was so proud of myself, because I almost didn't go to the gym. I was supposed to grab drinks with a friend who never called, so I went to the gym instead.

- I'm going to Washing D.C. in April! I've always wanted to see the capital city, and April is the perfect time since the cherry trees will be in full bloom.

- I was going to buy the Digital SLR camera Canon Rebel XT, but I just came across some extra funds that will allow me to buy the better prosumer one Canon 20D. Can't wait to get it and start shooting!
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