Melissa (wand3rlust) wrote,

Shopping, Vidding, & Catching up on Movies

Not dead... yet. Just been vidding and editing travel photos as well as shopping my littl x-mas heart out. And lemme tell ya, I feel like the biggest scrooge, 'cause all I wanna do is give people money and tell them to buy their own presents. :/

Been getting caught up on movies. Saw Pride & Prejudice 2 weeks ago. Saw King Kong & Narnia last week. Will be watching "Walk the Line" tonight and "Memoirs of a Geisha" Friday (hopefully!) Then to see "The Family Stone" on Monday. And I can't wait until we get "Brokeback Mountain" (Jan. 6th!). And then I think I'll be caught up on my must see movies. Only thing I missed out on was Jarhead, and hopefully maybe the $1 theater will get it soon.

I've been vidding like crazy, but I'm bouncing around from vid to vid so all of them are only partially finished.

Vid Projects Count:
4 Rome vids (I'm determined to make everyone a Rome fan!)
1 LOTR vid
1 LOST vid
1 Romeo & Juliet vid
1 Final Fantasy Vid
1 Benny & Joon vid
1 Closer vid
1 Velvet Goldmine vid
1 Get Real vid.
(And a partidge in a pear treeeeeeeeee!)
Twelve vids total... that's just crazy! :/

And if anyone is interested I've uploaded 297 photos (so far!) to my flickr account from my travles around Europe. Just click on the "Europe" set or just go to my travelogue :)


Oh and the new LJ presents of more userpics for free accounts and more space for paid accounts is awesome!
Tags: movies, photography, travel, vid projects
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