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NOTE: Originally posted on Nov. 22nd, but accidently marked it private, so I'm bumping it up so people can read it if they wanna. :0

2x09 "What Kate Did" - spoilers!
Definately my favorite episode of the season. While Kate's past is semi-predictable, I just love that she really is a criminal. Now, if only Kate could be like she was in this episode in every episode.... sometimes I think the writers intend to make her seem schitzo... *sigh* Excellent performance by Ms. Lilly. I was impressed, and she hasn't done that very much since she's been on the show.

The Kate/Sawyer shipper in me was of course squeeing at their scenes, but then again, somehow I've grown to appreciate and like the dynamic of Kate/Jack, and even the whole Sawyer/Kate/Jack triangle thing. And normally I despise triangles... they're so cliche, but S/K/J seem to work on some strange level. hmm.

Loke/Eko - hell yes! more please! I think that about sums that up.

Michael & the computer - anyone else waiting for the computer to type out: "The Matrix has you..." LOL!

Can't wait 'til the next episode, it looks fantabulous. LOST seems to have got their ass in gear finally! Let's hope the rest of the season keeps it up, and they just might be able to win over my "fav. series" vote from "Rome." Speaking of....

It's been a little over a week and I've let the Rome Season Finale soak in. Here are my thoughts.

Kalends of February
A very very good series ender. Funny that they made it very final in a way with Cesar's death, Vorenus finding out about Niobe's affair with her commiting suicide, and Eirene & Pullo coming to amends. It was all so nicely tied up, yet leaves so much open for next season. How will Vorenus react to learning of Ceasar's death? Will he still be a Senator? Will he take in Lucious as his son? Will he find out Pullo knew the truth all this time? Will Servilla get her revenge on Atia? Will Octavian go psycho on Sevilla? The questions are endless....

And the fun thing is, judging by their use of history, you have an idea of how things will go, but don't know how long it'll take or even how they will get to that point.

Now onto the specifics:

Vorenus Learns the truth/Niobe's Suicide
Well, I've been waiting for this moment since we learned Lucius is indeed her son with her sister's husband. She continuously claimed that she never loved him and only loves her husband, but some of her actions spoke otherwise at first. There are days I've liked her and others I hated her. She continously said and acted spiteful to her sister then asked for forgivness. In the end I think this is the only way it could've gone. As cruel as that may sound. Niobe sacraficed herself to save her husband the shame of having a murder on his hands. Her final words, "The boy is blameless." were stunningly perfect.

As for Lucius finding out. Well, he was quick to jump to judgement, but then again he was when he first came back as well. The fact that Niobe confirmed it to him was that final blow. I thought for sure he was going to turn that knife on himself. He looked mortified. The reaction to her death was just tragic as the boy stood nearby watching Vorenus cradel a lifeless Niobe in his arms. This will most definately make for some good angst in regards to Pullo finding happiness and Vorenus losing his, and I can't wait!

Pullo & Eirene
The scene of them walking peacefully hand in hand with no idea what hororrs lies just inside the city is comic tragedy at it's best. Of all people, Pullo is the one to finally find happiness while everyone else's crumbles around them, with a woman who by all rights should despise him.

Caesar's Death
Well, we ALL know how this one goes, but the scene was played tremendously! You really felt that Brutus had no other choice in that moment, yet was forever scared by murdering his father figure. They guy who plays Brutus (sorry, can't remember his name) was amazing and has been growing on me for weeks now.

As I've said before, Rome is by far my favorite new TV show, and is in fact my favorite TV show this season, beating out even LOST. However I suppose Rome's budget of reportedly over $100 million for the first 12 episode season (one of the most expensive series ever produced) it's not surprising we get the same quality acting, sets, special effects, etc. that we get with movies, and I really shouldn't be comparing it to your average TV show. :)

Over all, I am very pleasantly surprised at how great this first season was. (I had my doubts at first.) A lot of love went into the production of this show, and I hope it continues for years to come. And so long as Rome doesn't start suffering from Sopranos Syndrome (where they think they can wait 3 years between seasons and still have the same fanbase as before) they'll be fine.

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