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The Goblet of Fire: Movie Review

Well as you probably know I have seen "The Goblet of Fire" by now. So, obviously don't read past the cuts if you wish to remain unspoiled. However, I am remaining fairly vague about certain things just because I don't like to give everything away. Eventually I'll do a post about my favorite scenes, but for now this is just kind of a general thoughts on the whole thing.

The Best Bits
- The special effects were really well done this time around. The Quidditch World Cup stadium was bad ass!
- The acting was far far better than it's ever been. Daniel's Harry is the best I've seen it. The crying at the end nearly broke my heart as much as it did in the book. And Hermione at the ball was perfect!!
- The comedy is straight out genius! Both taken from the books and extras added in gave this film some much needed light moments, hilarious moments really. The twins shine, wish there could've been more of them!
- The creep factor was in full effect in the grave yard. Dead Cedric was *shudder* well creepy looking. Ralph Fiennes is one scary ass Voldemort, but I couldn't help staring at his nose the whole time. hehe.
- I adore Neville! I mean I really like him in the books, but the movie Neville is just squishy squee worthy! (Don't ask me what that means. heh.) I have no idea what it is about him, but he just breathes a new life into the character.
- I liked the funky twist on the opening theme quite a lot for some reason.

I fully realize that this movie was a little over 2.5 hours, so extending it in any way would've probably been impossible, but nonetheless here's some things I think could've been improved. ;)

Improvement Needed
- Much like the bickering between Hermione/Ron in POA was glossed over, so was the fighting between Ron/Harry. "The Breakup" seemed pretty forced given some people don't know what drove them to that extreme point.
- Much like POA I just don't like the guy who plays Wormtail! He's way over-the-top and annoying.
- I know this is minor, but where was Dobby??? I missed poor Dobby and his socks!
- And more importantly where was Mrs. Weasley??? I fully expected the scene at the end of the book where Mrs. Weasley takes poor broken Harry in her arms like her son and just lets him cry.
- While we're on the subject of missing people I desperately wished to see the Dursley's reactions to the stamp covered envelope, the phone call, and Dudley's growing tongue.
- The whole graveyard scene was also glossed over heavily IMHO. I didn't get that same feeling of desperation Harry had in the book. About death, his parents, Cedric, just everything.
- Surprisingly parts in the beginning (after the world cup and until the tournament began) were dragging a bit, but maybe it was just me.

And last but not least, WTF? Moments. These could've probably gone in the "improvements" list, but there were just some moments that just had that WTF? kind of effect on me. Please keep in mind that it's been quite some time since I've read GOF, so maybe I'm just absent minded about certain things. If I'm wrong please feel free to correct me. But now I bring you...

WTF? Moments
- Dumbledore physically throws Harry against the wall?? Who is this man and where is Dumbledore?
- "Thankfully, I've never cared much for Heroes," says Dumbledore. (um was this in the book? did I miss something?)
- Moody was just creepy and scary! Almost more so than Voldemort. I don't remember getting that feeling from the book.
- Karkaroff and Snape come out of the closet... *snicker* *chokes on laughter while everyone else in the theater is silent* Slashers might just have a hay day with that one.
- Was moaning Myrtle that bad in the book? 'Cause that was just wrong. ew.
- "You know the prefects bathroom on the 5th floor?" asks Cedric. "Yeah..." replies Harry with a questioning look. "It's a good place for a bath. kseeyalater" Cedric runs off. [pan to Hermione with her jaw on the floor, then back to Harry with his brow furrowed.] *snicker* *chokes on laughter while everyone else in the theater is silent* Damn slashers! And I don't even read HP fics!
- Wow, younger Dumbledore doesn't look so... out there.
- Did that dragon chase Harry around the entire world in the book too?
- Cho is Scottish? Didn't see that one coming...
- The maze eats people? ROFL... Wait! What happened to the tasks, and what was all this mumbo jumbo about "losing yourself" in the maze. (yet again said by the oddball posing as Dumbledore)
- My dad's uncle wants Harry/Hermione together! (he hasn't read the books) K, sorry had nothing to do w/ the movie, 'cause he said it before the movie, but, ya know... wtf?
- Oh and speaking of H/H they had a lot of H/H moments in the movie. Not quite wtf status but seemed kinda odd at times...

I'm sure there's more and I'll rant/rave on and on about it later, but that's all that my brain is producing at the moment.

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