Melissa (wand3rlust) wrote,

Lost Ranting & Rome Raving

!@#$%^& Just got caught up on LOST and ROME.


LOST is irritating the living shit out of me! Why is it that I feel like this year as a viewer I'm being treated as if I don't have a brain? How is it that they can go from one really good episode (Abandoned) to one that's so mediocre???

Is there some need that they had to show us damn near exactly what happened last season with the original survivors? I mean, yeah the info about "why" certain people were taken was nice and a few other moments were informative, but all in all it was pretty much a recap of what we all could've guessed. Especially just by what Ana-Lucia said in the previous episode. Was the whole Peace Corps guy supposed to be surprising? 'Cause it wasn't.

Funny the tail end survivors caught on to "The Others" waaaaaaaaaaay before the rest of them did. Guess the tail end survivors didn't see "The Monster" though.... strange.

I guess it makes sense as to why they were advertising this on the radio as the one to watch if you've never watched before. Yeah, 'cause it pretty much recaped anything of importance about surviving on the island. zzzzz And while I'm bitching, where the hell are: the flashbacks, Sawyer, Jack, Coniving Kate, Sweet Claire... where are the islanders I fell in love with last season???

But, not to be too much of a bitchfest, I gotta say that I love Bernard and Echo! Libby has promise too. Can't wait 'til they all get together.

Moving on...

ROME is absolutely my new favorite show! Can't get over this Pullo/Verenus obsession I have, and last Sunday's episode "The Spoils" totally confimed it for me! Must get footage and vid them imediately!

I was about to jump through my freakin' tv if Verenus didn't get his ass in there to save Pullo, but he did, and I was crying as Verenus was. These two just need to admit they love each other and get on with it already. Hell if Octavian can be in love with and screw his sister Octavia, or if Octavia can sleep around with Servilia, then Pullo and Verenus can hook up!

Those two make me so melty it's insane. Yes even more than Connor/Murphy (Boondock Saints) or Boromir/anyone! ;)

See just look at them! *gush* Can't wait for this season finale episode. Should be awesome!

Tags: fandom ships, tv
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