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My Vids Released in 2012

  1. Mystic's Dream (An Anna/Ruby SPN fanvid)
  2. Blue Caravan - Amy/Rory - Doctor Who fanvid
  3. Waking Dream - My Summer of Love fanvid
  4. Blow - D.E.B.S. Lucy/Amy fanvid
  5. No Sleep Tonight - A Charlie/Becky SPN fanvid
  6. Sobering - An Anna/Ruby fanvid with a side of Ruby/Sam, Cas/Anna and Ruby/Lilith
  7. Cold Cold Water - an Eowyn/Faramir LOTR fanvid
  8. Blinding - An Anna/Ruby and Dean/Cas SPN fanvid
  9. Colorblind - Bella (2006 movie) - Nina, Jose fanvid
  10. What You Wish For - Sam Winchester SPN fanvid to "Mystery Spot"

I'm really stunned honestly at the amount of videos I managed to make this year. I was thinking it was far less. Probably because my desire to make them is always there but the free time I have is not.

My favorite vid this year (of my own):
I'm really pleased with how Blinding turned out. I tore that video apart twice before finally getting it to a point of being cohesive. I'm also really pleased with the Doctor Who vid too. It's hard to choose between those two.

My least favorite vid this year:
I forever struggle with trying to be a better editor, so "Sobering" didn't turn out nearly as put together as I would have liked it to be.

Most successful vid:
Well judging by the amount of reblogs on tumblr it has to be the Charlie/Becky vid, but based on feedback, Mystic's Dream and Blue Caravan might also be a close second

Vid most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
My movie vids rarely get watched, mostly because I vid movies people have never even heard of... so with that said I'm really really pleased with how my vid "Colorblind" for the movie Bella turned out. I'm also sincerely proud of how the Mystery Spot video turned out.

Most fun video:
Well up beat music/cheeky vid wise, the only ones that fall into that category this year are the Charlie/Becky SPN vid and the D.E.B.S. vid. However I give the edge to the Charlie/Becky vid.

Video with single sexiest moment:
Er. I dunno I didn't really set out for any of them to be all that sexy so... I dunno.

Biggest vid fail:

My biggest fails are usually the ones that never see the light of day. I had these grand ideas about doing a SPN multi-character vid to Queen's Boheminan Rhapsody and I could just never get it to go anywhere so eventually I scrapped it.

As for published vids though, Mystic's Dream is the one I most desperately want to re-do. I was never fully satisfied with the song choice but I got tired of trying to find something better. Also getting clips to fill Ruby's human version was extremely tedious. There are so few modern movies about 14th century women who are witches (or accused of it anyway) and so I suffered through Season of the Witch for that. And the Editing to me is much more sloppy than I care for, but I'm not sure I have the emotional energy to tackle it again to make it better.

Hardest video to make:
It's a tie between Mystic's Dream and Blinding for me. See above for Mystic's... and Blinding just had too much going on for a very long time. (True Fact: The vid for Sobering came from a whole story I was trying to squeeze into the Blinding vid on top of what I already had going on.) So it took me forever to figure out what to cut out.

Most unintentionally telling video:
Blue Caravan really surprised me with how it came together. It gave me such a renewed appreciation for the Ponds, no matter how much the show writers seemed determined to ruin it for me. The song itself also gave me the chance to experiment more with faster jump cuts and speeding up and slowing down the footage which is always exciting to push myself to try more things with my editing.

Goals for 2013:
Make more multi-fandom/multi-character/meta type vids that explore characters and themes instead of just story/shipping vids.

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