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I'm Back??? Hopefully!

I think I've finally gotten to the point where I've figured out how to manage multiple social media accounts at once. I've never been particularly good at it, but I'm gonna give it a shot! At the VERY least remember to check in on my friends feed a few times a week and post here more than once every six months. heh

I think Tumblr will still be my first stop on the totem pole of social sites because it's just very highly addicting to me, but I really miss my Kara/Lee no_takebacks crowd here. :))

I've also wanted to get back to posting on both my personal and fandom twitter accounts more regularly again.

My job had a really stressful summer, but I think we're done with all that and I'm slowly getting to the point where I think I can save up and eventually leave my job to persue my Photograhy and web design jobs full time. I'm nearly finished with my portfolio sites so I can start taking on more jobs.

I can't even remember the last fandom/tv update I posted but currently on regular rotation on my tv are:
  • Supernatural, though it's quite hit/miss and very love/hate at this point.
  • Homeland - is my new favorite cable show.
  • Being Human - the UK version really surprised me with just how much I LOVED the new characters, I'm REALLY looking forward to S5.
  • Pretty Little Liars - is one I just got hooked on last week. It's very well written. Not just for an ABC Family show, but really good tv all around tv. And I hear miles and miles better than the book series it's based on.
  • Merlin - is one I watch and cry at all the wasted potential, especially with Gwen and Morgana. I'm a few episodes behind right now but I can't see how they're going to wrap up this season to a coherent completion with just a few episodes back.
  • Scandal - is a new-ish one from mid-season last year but I really love the cast and the writing so far.
  • Revenge - This is one I got into over the summer, and I don't even know how to describe this show other than a fast paced soap opera with a twist of intrigue. I love the characters and wish sometimes they play up the intrigue more and play down the soap opera, but it's good entertainment either way for me.
New Shows I'm liking this season
  • Elementary - is one I'm really enjoying so far.
  • Last Resort - is really interesting but I'm not sure if I like the direction it's going just yet??
  • Chicago Fire - is one I like to casually watch, usually one or two eps at a time.
I'm pretty glad Dexter is ending at this point. This season has been so slow and boring to me. I'm behind a couple episodes.

I also need to catch up on nearly all of FRINGE except the first 2 episodes, so I have no idea how it's played out or what to think.

I was **really** disappointed with Awake last season. It's a premise that had a lot of potential but the exection to me was flat. It was too 'case of the week' for my tastes.

Doctor Who.... *sigh* I don't even want to talk about the first half of last season. I hope a new companion will rejuvinate the show, but with Moffat at the wheel I won't hold my breath.

I finally stopped hate-watching Glee last year, I just couldn't take how gross it was anymore. The show continuously glorified Mr. Schuster and Finn and it frankly was getting unberable. I mean just the mere mention of Finn could send me into a rage... it was time to just stop, so I did.

I still casually watch Grey's Anatomy, and sometimes it's hate-watching and sometimes I genuinely enjoy it. I don't watch it regularly anymore though, I more do a few eps at a time when I have time.

And I have a list as long as my arm of other tv series I want to watch, but the list of summer tv series I've been watching keeps growing too which makes it harder to marathon other things in the summer. :) But here's a few of what I have so far, but if anyone has any other recommendations I'm open to suggestions.

Bomb Girls, Warehouse 13, Hawaii 5-0, Skins, Lost Girl, 

I'm also getting into quite  few web-series, and I'm really loving this road people are taking to put new media out there, but I'll make another post about that later.
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