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I Gave You All (A Supernatural - Novak Family - fanvid)

Music: “I Gave You All” - Mumford and Sons
Vidder: wand3rlust
Fandom: Supernatural
Character(s): Castiel, Jimmy Novak, Amelia Novak & Claire Novak
Spoilers: Contains clips from episode 4x20 - The Rapture
Summary: A look at the sacrafice the Novaks had to make.

Video Info & Notes
♪ ♪ I close my eyes for a while and force from the world a patient smile but I gave you all ♪ ♪ 

A fanvid focused on the episode The Rapture in which we learn about Castiel's vessel, Jimmy Novak and the struggles his family had to go through. I have so much love and appreciation for the Novak family and wish we could have seen more of them.
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Tags: amelia novak, castiel, claire novak, jimmy novak, novak family appreciation, supernatural, vids
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