Melissa (wand3rlust) wrote,

Supernatural - Anna/Ruby - Home

Mixer: wand3rlust 
 CW's Supernatural
Subject: Anna Milton/Ruby 2.0
Title: HOME
Tracks: 8
Length: 33 mins.
Summary: Anna/Ruby Cowgirls AU - Anna is the new girl in town and takes up a job helping out on Ruby’s ranch.

01. Half Acre - Hem
♫ I am holding half an acre / torn from the map of Michigan / and folded in this scrap of paper / is a land I grew in

02. Kansas City, Kansas - Garrison Starr
♫ Can I drink that bottle down / Sing myself back to the beginning / Back to Kansas City, Kansas

03. Lover’s Lie - Vedera
♫  where’d you go / the leaves they move too fast / i was lost looking for your face / did you go to catch the lovers lie / or to move the stars and put them in place

04. A Place Called Home - Kim Richey
♫  Someday I’ll go where there ain’t no rain or snow / Till then, I travel alone / And I make my bed with the stars above my head / And dream of a place called home

05. Helplessly, Hopelessly - Jessica Andrews
♫ I can stand with the weight of the world on my shoulders / I can fight with the toughest of the tough / I can laugh in the face of all my insecurities / Anytime, anywhere, anything I’m strong enough / But when you’re holding me like this / I’m carelessly lost in your touch

06. Arms of a Woman - Amos Lee
♫ I am at ease In the arms of a woman / Although now most of my days are spent alone / A thousand miles from the place I was born / When she wakes me / She takes me back home

07. Blue Mind - Alexi Murdoch
♫ Got no time / Got no mind / For the line / In this life / No time to think / Time for sleep now / Time to sink way into the blue, dear

08. She’ll Fly - Jessica Harp
♫ But she’ll climb / And she’ll cry / And one day she’ll reach up / Grab on to the sky / And she’ll fly / She’ll find her wings

(Stream 32 mins) - (Download 50MB)

Tags: anna milton, anna/ruby, annaby, fanmix, ruby, ruby 2.0, supernatural
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