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Fringe: Alone in the World

I haven't even taken the time to write up my thoughts about 4.01 or 4.02 yet. (Which I loved.) And Maybe it’s my mood. Maybe it’s my expectations being too high. But last night’s Fringe disappointed me more than it didn’t.

I’m not going full-on meta here, I don’t have the energy for that right now. But here’s a few key (and a few minor) things that bothered me. And I’ll try and throw in some highlights too at the end.

Turns out Peter actually did exist. In both universes. He just “died” in both of them. THIS is not what was said at the end of S3. He never existed. That’s what was said. This feels like a big fat cheat/cop-out/retcon to me if I ever smelled one. And I don’t like it. I think it’s lazy writing. What’s done is done though, so I will have to move on with it.

Also, let me repeat my same rant I’ve been ranting since I started this series. I’m so sick and tired of the show using Astrid only a mirror of the audience (her reactions) or only as a “mouthpiece” for Walter. Literally, figuratively and every other way imaginable. We saw in ep 1 she’s been going out on cases with Olivia for HOW LONG now? And suddenly Lincoln comes in and it’s back to the lab and babysitting the victims. WTF show!? Stop it with that already. Lincoln’s the new guy here, how does he immediately get go with Olivia everywhere? Are his expertise somehow more valid or useful than Astrid’s? On the first case, sure! Now? Not so much. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Speaking of the case WTF was with them wearing hazmat suits in the first scene and then only wearing street clothes the rest of the time? That made no sense. We’re talking about something that can explode toxic spores. Hazmat suits would be a given. (Dave Fury, I am fully disappointed. While this may have been your first FRINGE episode, you penned the epic LOST episod Walkabout. I expected MUCH more from you.)

Also can we just please STOP with the Lincoln/Olivia stuff. I’m sorry. I’m not even going to be nice about this anymore. We already have the alt!Linc/alt!Liv stuff, I don’t think it’s cute that they’re paralleling the two of them so hard. I don’t find it funny. Again, I find it lazy. We already know Anna and Seth have chemistry galore. Let’s USE that chemistry to highlight the different ways in which their characters can relate to each other. And yeah, I realize they may not actually go there… we don’t know yet. But the hinting and the paralleling feels like they’re pushing that direction.

I hate love triangles, and… while technically not a triangle since Peter and Olivia have never had a thing, Peter will we back. And we know that they’ll put him and Olivia together and it’s bound to become an issue if Lincoln is involved with her too. And it’s such a tired trope. Let me repeat. I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES. So if that’s the direction Olivia and Lincoln are going to go I’m gonna scream.

Because this implies one of two things: 1) That it puts Olivia into this role where supposedly no man can help but falling for her. I hate it when women (and men) are written this way on tv. Or, if not that then 2) It’s destined to happen. That any Lincoln in any universe will fall in love with Olivia. No matter how different circumstances are. And me + destiny/fate story-lines are on thin ice right now. So… I hope the show doesn’t go there either.

But don’t be mistaken. I like Lincoln. You all KNOW that. I love that he’s this socially awkward, lonely, reseved, sarcastic guy. I like that he doesn’t seem to really trust Olivia (or anyone really) yet. I like that he seems quietly frustrated by Walter. I like that for the most part he’s very emotionally repressed but not in your typical “tough guy” way that tv seems to throw at us. You can tell underneath it all he’s got emotions, lots of them I suspect, but he’s not about to open up to the first person who is there. So his frustration often comes out as biting sarcasm. Lincoln actually reminds me of this odd S1 Peter and Olivia hybrid personality. (The sarcasm, the loneliness, the frustration with Walter.)heh! So yeah, I don’t want to see this interesting character get warped into nothing more than a love interest.

I mean why not have him and Astrid be lab buddies? (And yeah I ship Lincoln/Astrid but this doesn’t have much to do with that.) Because if he was there in the lab it would be the PERFECT opportunity to flesh out Astrid’s backstory. They could become friends and gripe about how Walter never gets either of their names right. Astrid (much like S1 Peter) could translate the Walter-speak for Lincoln. He could ask Astrid about her life so that we might actually know something more than her “job qualifications” as her background. Even if it’s only the first few minutes of the morning because they both showed up early to the lab. 

And here’s an idea, when Astrid goes on a case LET THE GIRL DO HER JOB she an FBI agent for the love of…. I mean why is she wearing an camera/ear piece when Walter could just do that himself on scene? Let Astrid investigate the evidence the same way Peter and Lincoln get to when they tag along. Show me more of Olivia and Astrid being friends. Why am I still having  to complain about this show writers? Why? Just make it happen. JFC.

Well… so as not to be too much of a Debbie Downer I want to talk about how much I LOVE Olivia right now. I have a history of finding Olivia difficult to relate to on-screen. But that’s no more this season. I’ll go more into detail when I write up a long post about her later… but for now Olivia in this episode specifically the scene with Walter was so wonderful and complex. It’s interesting to see this Olivia who’s so similar to S1 Olivia and yet, so different. Something crucial has happened and she’s so very protective of Walter now. Despite the cortixphan trials, despite being kidnapped to the other side, despite her own abusive step father. Olivia has somehow connected in a significant way with Walter. (That scene with Walter BTW… worst of the WORST Fringe cringe I have ever seen! *shudder* Just… no more of that stuff please.)

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