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Randomness, Lost & Rome!

Not to sound narcissistic or anything, but I'm SO proud of myself. At the gym I jogged for 21 minutes straight! I've been steadily increasing my time each time I work out. First it was 10 minutes, then 15, now I'm at over 20! My goal is 26 minutes (to allow for 2 minutes warm up and 2 cool down) and then steadily increasing the speed. Yesterday I got up to 3.8 miles per hour for about 3-4 minutes and the rest of the time 3.5, so that was good. And I jogged/walked for 30 minutes total with about a distance of 1.75 miles.

Anyway, LOST is on tonight and I still need to wacth last week's episode. I think I'll watch last week's while this week's is airing then watch this week's after that.

Watched episode 6 & 7 of ROME last night. I'm further behind than I thought I was. Pullo/Verenus are just hotness! See...

I'm just waiting for that moment when Pullo admits to Verenus how his wife betrayed him and that he was the one who took revenge for the sake of his friend. At least that's how it plays out in my head. :P

Oh, and shamlessly I admit that the slave that Atia sent to Servilia had THE biggest penis I have ever seen! That thing could have a mind of it's own! It's so strange to watch a TV show that allows full frontal nudity. You don't even see that in most movies! I hope this sort of things helps people (Americans in general) not be so freakin' prude about a nude body.
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