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 Hey, remember when I was going to write up these long thinky-thoughts on Game of Thrones, SPN and Fringe? *laughs* Yeah I should have known better. That takes time and effort. And as has been previously established I'm ridiculously lazy when I have no motivation.

This is why tumblr is a lazy fangirl's dream come true. I can just reblog OTHER people's insightful/silly/weird/pretty/funny stuff and just say "I agree" and be done with it. Ah well.

Plus, *knock on wood* LJ is actually working today. Seems like anytime I do get the inspiration to come post something LJ is having a down day and anymore I just can't be bothered to refresh the page a billion times.

Anywho... not much is new right now. I went to Denver earlier this month and am trying to plan a vacation for early Sept. Only I can't decide where to go. My first thought was Seattle/Vancouver. But I have an itch to really go somewhere foreign. I REALLY miss traveling for weeks/months at a time. :(

So, in fandom news I recently rewatched S1 and S2 FRINGE and was really surprised and how much I enjoyed them this time around. It's no secret I complained and whined my way through S1. I also have come to the conclusion that I actually DO like Olivia much more now.

I think my impatience plus the seeming S1 MOTW stories didn’t help on my first viewing of the show. I also was having a very hard time relating to Olivia as a character. And it makes it hard to enjoy when you can’t relate (or even worse empathize) with the main protagonist.

But now! What a difference some hindsight makes! Luckily, now I have insight into Olivia, her past, her motivations, her weaknesses. I know what makes her tick and can read into her more subtle characteristics from S1/S2.

I’ve always been confused by the fact that “on paper” as a bullet point list I love Oliva’s character arc, but there was something about her that kept me from connecting with her character. In all honesty on my first go-round I thought it was Anna’s acting, but that was corrected when I saw Anna play a spunky Olivia in “Brown Betty” and I knew right then it wasn’t the acting at all. That it must have had to do with the way the show itself portrays Olivia onscreen. So, this time on my rewatch I finally find myself appreciating Anna Torv and all the subtleties she throws in as Olivia. I found myself understanding and appreciating Olivia more now that I knew her background.

Sadly, I’m still not on the P/O ship. Just can’t get into them for whatever reason. I don’t dislike them though…. so there’s that. I just find them boring and with no chemistry don’t happen to ship them personally. *shrug* No big deal.

And as always I do still adore Walter and Astrid heaps. I don’t suspect *knock on wood* that will ever change. :)

Also, because apparently I'm obsessed with Lincoln/Astrid happening more than any "sane" person should be, this happened:

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