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SPN - Castiel (Dean/Cas implied) - Kryptonite

SPN - Castiel (Dean/Cas implied) - Kryptonite
Mixer: wand3rlust  
CW's Supernatural
Subject: Castiel (and implied Dean/Cas) from episode 6.20 The Man Who Would Be King
Title: Kryptonite
Tracks: 10
Length: 44 min
Warnings: spoilers through the end of season 6
Features: The Kooks, Tool, Florence + The Machine, Five Finger Death Punch, Depeche Mode & more.

Never fails there's always that ONE writer on a show that I adore and they can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes. On Supernatural that writer for me is the glorious BEN EDLUND. I have consistently LOVED every one of his episodes, the man does hilarious like no ones business. But it turns out he's got a flair for drama too. The Man Who Would Be King took the cake for me. It was easily my favorite episode of the entire season. It was basically a Castiel  appreciation centered episode that showed all too clearly his good intentions were leading him very far down the wrong path. Superbly acted by Misha Collins as well as Jensen, Mark Sheppard, Jim and Jared. And to think the episode almost didn't even happen... Misha and Ben had to ask for it, which is insane... but I won't get into that now.

Anyway, the title and overall theme of the mix is inspired not only by the events in the episode, but also by this snippet of dialogue which is utterly heartbreaking when seen in context. Castiel being an angel just doesn't get pop culture references 99% of the time. Earlier in the episode Cas is hiding out invisible to them and overhears a conversation between the Winchesters and Bobby about Superman "going dark side". The fact he references it is Dean's first clue that Cas isn't being honest with him and them. Cas being pleased that he finally understands a pop culture reference spouts it out amused and proud of himself. It's the first time we really see Cas honest-to-goodness smile. And it's all shattered when we see the look on Dean's face. Like someone kicked his puppy or something.

CASTIEL It is a little absurd, though.
BOBBY I know, I know.
CASTIEL Superman going to the dark side. I'm still just Castiel.
DEAN I guess we can put away the Kryptonite, right?
CASTIEL Exactly. Of course, I didn't realize it at the time. But it was all over. Right then - just like that.

You can use the playbox below to listen to the mix before you download it. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement is intended. All music shared here has been legally purchased by me personally, so please feel free to sample the songs and if you like them please support the artist and purchase them as well.

tracks, lyrics & commentary

Watching the Ships Roll In - The Kooks ()
Watching the ships roll in, / Hoping that i will still be his friend in the morning. / Watching those ships roll by, / Wishing that I could move this earth, / If I could, for you I would do.
I feel a bit funny re-using this song so soon in a mix, but it's the first song I was rememinded of the moment I first watched this episode. It just fits Castiel SO SO well and where he's at in this moment knowing he's going to betray Dean's trust for the sake of protecting him and his brother and all of humanity.

Three Libras - A Perfect Circle ()
But I threw you the obvious just to / See if there's more behind the / Eyes of a fallen angel / Eyes of a tragedy / Here I am expecting just a little bit / Too much from the wounded / But I see, seeing through it all / Seeing through, see you

Down Here - Stateless ()
Everything started spinning and I woke up by the side of the road / How did I get down here? / How did I get down here? / High up above me I could discern a light through the trees / I always knew you'd come for me / A stumbled stance, so intimate yet so departed / And it reminded me / of something beautiful / And it reminded me / of something beautiful

Kryptonite - 3 Door Down ()
You called me strong / you called me weak / But still your secrets I will keep / You took for granted all the times I Never let you down / You stumbled in and bumped your head / if not for me then you'd be dead / I picked you up and put you back on solid ground

Walk Away - Five Finger Death Punch ()
I'm sorry for the Demon I've become / You should be sorry for the Angel you are not / I apologize for the cruel things that I did / But I don't regret one single word I said

Fix Me - 10 Years ()
I’m fine in the fire / I feed on the friction / I’m right where I should be / Don’t try and fix me / I’m fine in the fire / I feed on the friction / I’m right where I should be / Don’t try and fix me

Heavy In Your Arms - Florence + The Machine ()
This will be my last confession / "I love you" never felt like any blessing / Whisper it like it's a secret / Uttered to condemn the one who hears it / With a heavy heart

Superman's Dead - Our Lady Peace ()
Alone, alone, alone, alone, alone / I'm thinking / why is superman dead / is it in my head / we'll just laugh instead / you worry about the weather and /whether or not you should hate / are you worried about your faith / kneel down and obey / you're happy you're in love / you need someone to hate

Schism - Tool ()
The poetry that comes from the squarin' off between / And the circling is worth it, finding beauty in the dissonance / There was a time that the pieces fit but I watched them fall away / Mildewed and smoldering, strangled by our coveting / I've done the math enough to know the dangers of a second guessing / Doomed to crumble unless we grow and strengthen our communication

Barrel of a Gun - Depeche Mode ()
This twisted, tortured mess / This bed of sinfulness / who's longing for some rest / and feeling numb / What do you expect of me / What is it you want / Whatever you've planned for me / I'm not the one


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