Melissa (wand3rlust) wrote,

Fringe fic prompt/request. - Lincoln/Astrid & Oliva/Scarlie

 Just thought I'd throw this out into the universe... ya know, just in case any awesome writers want to tackle this beast....?

Note: Takes place Post S3 finale. (i.e. no one remembers Peter right now. — But it’s your choice on who/what/where he is now. I like the idea of him as an observer personally. :p)

I’ve got this crazy idea for a vid and I have NO CLUE how/if I'm going to fit it into an average length song, let alone find the perfect song to make it to...but here's my idea:

The “bridge” mysteriously starts malfunctioning and closes off the ability to cross back over to our side making it essentially a one way tunnel. Olivia is once again trapped in the alt!verse. Broyles calls in Special Agent Lincoln Lee from Hartford and puts him on the case with Astrid to investigate who/what is causing this and what can be done to fix it. Lincoln is shy and reserved which Astrid takes as aloof and rude at first, but Astrid always being quick to forgive soon learns the true reason behind his actions. (yay UST!) With the help of Walter and Nina they do find a way to unlock the bridge.

Meanwhile, with Olivia stuck in the alt!Verse she has no choice but to cooperate with the Fringe team. She soon learns alt!Liv has motives of her own to uncover Walternate’s secrets and the two begin to form an unusual friendship. Working so closely with the Fringe team she finds herself reminiscing about her old partner and beings to grow close to Scarlie as a result.

Bonus points if you throw in a hint of Broyles/Nina and/or Alt!Linc/Alt!Liv!! :)

Tags: fic prompt, finge, lincoln/astrid, olivia/charlie, request
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