Melissa (wand3rlust) wrote,

Mini Squee! Lincoln/Astrid is hinted at..?!?!

 So check  out this mini-interview Jasika Nicole did (what looks like a couple months back). She mentions that alt!Astrid finally starts showing some interest in someone and specifically mentions it's NOT Charlie, but it is someone we have been introduced to in the alt!Verse. I'm pretty sure she's referring to the episode Bloodline and all those sort of long glances in the direction of Lincoln and Charlie when they're talking. She also attempts to look Lincoln in the eye more often during their brief conversations. I KNEW I wasn't just seeing things!! Heh!!!

Now... this piques my interest because if Jasika is talking about it like this then she was obviously directed to act that way. Additionally we have that little glance-back between them in Stowaway which I'm starting to think wasn't just a random coincidence either. I know it may seem like shipper-brain, but I dunno... Jasika seems really excited by it too which makes me happy! I SO want Our!Lincoln and Our!Astrid paired up next season. Even if it's just as partners. I just have a feeling they'd have mad chemistry together. :)
Tags: astrid, fringe, jasika nicole, lincoln, lincoln/astrid
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