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Here Without You - Lincoln/Astrid - FRINGE - AU fanvid

Music:"Here Without You" - 3 Doors Down
Vidder: wand3rlust 
Fandom: FRINGE
Character(s): Lincoln/Astrid
Spoilers: Contains clips up to 3x18 but this is an AU vid so hopefully not too spoilery.
Summary: When Astrid is abducted and taken to the "other side" Lincoln does everything in his power to get her back, only problem is she doesn't know who he his once he finds her.

Video Info & Notes
♪ I'm here without you baby, but you're still on my lonely mind. ♪
My love of AU knows no ends. I think because it gives me more freedom to play.:) If you're at all wondering why I ship this pair here's a vid to answer that question.

When Astrid is abducted and taken to the other side Lincoln does everything in his power to find a way to cross over, but he runs into some obstacles along the way.

When Astrid wakes in the Harvard lab she's suffering from amnesia but slowly tries to put her life back together, but she keeps have dreams about a mystery man whose face just barely escapes her.

After Lincoln is finally healed from his burns he finds a way to cross over and tries to track down Astrid. However, when he does finally find her a new challenge is in their way because she doesn't seem to recognize him at all. This isn't completely true though, Astrid eventually reveals to him that she dreams about him often but doesn't know why she would know him.

He tells her what happened but it's a lot to take in, so she's not sure what to think until finally her memory comes back to her.
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Tags: astrid farnsworth, au, fringe, lincoln lee, lincoln/astrid, vids
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