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No Takebacks? Just this once, ok?

Remember When... a couple weeks ago I said I didn't understand why Lincoln was in love with AltLiv and it annoyed me that everyone and their mother seemed to be in love with both Olivias? Yeah... uh, I totally take that back. Friday's episode made me want to kinda hardcore ship Lincoln/AltLiv. Seth Gabel SOLD that moment to me. I was in tears! I mean I watched the episode almost FOUR times this weekend. 

All that said, I tread lightly for now though. Simply because that moment and all those emotions were all from Lincoln's point of view and we have no clue if AltLiv will return his feelings eventually or even at all. I love how we got to see that sincere vulnerability from Lincoln and he is a BIG BIG reason I continue to watch this show right now.

Also remember how I was whining last week that it it seemed like hardly anyone was fake!shipping Lincoln/Astrid? Well this week on Tumblr I'm coming across more and more people who are making posts about their love of the idea of L/A. I have no logical reason WHY I want these two to pair up,  but I do. So, I hope it really is a possibility for next season. =D

I really liked the dynamic between Lincoln, Charlie and Astrid this last episode too. They seem to really appreciate the work she does and seem to value her far more than it seems our Astrid is valued by her team. (With the exception of Walter of course) Just sayin.

Also, while the scenes between Lincoln/Astrid weren't the slightest bit romantic in nature here I still had to picspam them. :) They really are pretty together, but I had no idea he was so much taller than her! I love how she quickly looked him in the eyes when he told her about Olivia's pregnancy.

P.S. I'm still working on 2 Pilots vids guys. The vidding muse is not cooperating right now and I'm getting way too distracted by twitter and tumblr the past couple weeks. I need complete un-interruptedness to get the vid muse flowing. I also have a fun fanmix idea in mind for Pilots too, but I have no clue when I'm going to get to that. :)
Lincoln/Astrid Astrid/Lincoln LAST Fringe
Tags: astrid farnsworth, fan art, fringe, lincoln lee, lincoln/altliv, lincoln/astrid
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