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Fringe: 3x16 - Os

This is cross posted from the conversation going on over at nazkey's LJ in this post. Run over and join in the conversation if you like. I'm just posting it here for future reference.

It's official I'm declaring Peter and Olivia the most BORING couple in the universe! Well this one anyway… (wink wink) I know I should stop picking on them though. I don't dislike them they're just not Epic OTP material for me. I have a feeling (seeing how this episode ended) that this boring factor is all being done intentionally - which is sad because I think it really would amp up the drama if things were more.... uh just more. heh! Yeah I know they're being all normal and building trust and all that, guess I just like my OTP's a little on the dysfunctional side. lol

Also it feels like someone zombified Olivia more than normal and has turned her into a twelve year old. What was with her timidness around Nina? It felt so weird and un-Olivia like. Even with her reserved personality she's never been that wilting flower kind of girl. I really feel like she's trying to be the girl she thinks Peter wants. Which is just weird and wrong on so many levels. Plus, doesn't seem like Peter wants that at all considering their interactions at the beginning of the ep and in the car. Why is she SO unable to be herself now? Feels so contrived to me.

All that said I will repeat that Anna Torv just flat out fantastic! Her ability to play so many different parts and roles is just brilliant. More on that in a second though.

Now we get to Walter, Nina and Astrid. :) I can't say this enough but Walter and Astrid are just the best! Walter is calling her Astrid more now and this makes me very happy. :) The look she gives him when he asks her to dispose of the rest of the blood was priceless! hee! However as I keep saying… could the writers PLEASE let her do more than clean up after Walter? Pretty please?! Let's go back to utilizing some of her awesome computer science and linguistics background. I have hope for next week!! (Probably crazy deluded hope... but it's there.)

The interaction between Nina and Walter this week was interesting. I'm trying to figure out if they're trying to set up something between them or if I'm just imagining things? 'Cause if so then I'd really like to know what exactly happened with Broyles/Nina. They just kinda dropped the ball on that in S1. Also, I find it so interesting that Bell's death has apparently given Walter some really rose colored glasses regarding him. I realize he made his amends just before his death, but Walter is taking this especially hard. I'm quite certain it's all completely plot driven with the Soul Magnets thing so I probably shouldn't read that much into it.

Now back to Olivia again. I thought Olivia's reaction to Peter's news was a little odd. It was basically a non-reaction. I don't know if that's because of what was happening to her at the time or if she was trying to process it or maybe a little of both.

Surely now she knows he's the one that's been offing the shape shifters. I wonder if she'll remember when she comes out of it? I think part of her probably understands why he did it. I think she wants to know just as much about what's going on as he does.

How awesome was that transition of her to Bell though? I'll repeat Anna Torv is fantastic! Also, I love the interesting parallel of how William rang a Bell to "pull" Olivia over to the Alternate Universe and now ringing a bell brings William to Olivia. What does it all mean? hmmm I had to giggle a little though because ringing a bell like that makes me instantly think of Pavlov's bell and I half expected Nina to do something weird like start drooling or something. hehe! :p

I'm interested to see what the decrypted code reveals and if the missing/broken discs will be necessary to complete the puzzle. Also that makes me think that maybe it was Bell who sent the shape shifters over to "our" world and not Walternate as previously expected. (I admittedly skipped a few episodes in S1 so I guess this could've been revealed already...) I wonder if this was their main purpose - to protect the discs? hmmm Lots of set up for more questions.

The sub-plot of the floating men was interesting but it didn't really draw me in until that kid was about to float out the sky light. Him grabbing onto the Nasa space suit was funny and crazy at once. I do wonder if Walter's theory about the universe shifting really is the reason those two elements combined created an effect opposite to what was expected? Should be interesting to see what else starts changing now.

And the preview for next week with Lincoln Lee looking all Clark Kent!! *dies* So excited for next week's episode now. Plus my delusional brain is starting to think Lincoln/Astrid could maybe-kinda-sorta happen...? Won't hold my breath, but I'm excited to have them in some of the same scenes as each other. I can't help it, they're two of my fave characters so naturally I want them to be awesome together. ha!

Ok, I think I've covered everything.
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