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Fringe Character Love!

Errr I promised this second post several days ago. Sorry. Got  busy. BUT it's here none-the-less. :)

These ramblings include spoilers up to 3x16 - Os.

Who could hate Walter? No one! Even after knowing what he did to Olivia and those kids when they were younger… I can't bring myself to hate him. This is helped tremendously by the fact that Denethor John Noble is such a brilliant actor. I can't believe the writers scored someone so fantastic for the role. I honestly can't imagine anyone else at this point.

I can't even begin to express my love for her character! She's smart, quick, funny, patient with Walter and so many other awesome things. She's so under-used it makes me angry - quite often actually. I actually had to ask during my marathon if Astrid really was FBI, because I was beginning to think I'd imagined her saying that when Season 1 started. I'm ecstatic (but also nervous) they're using her quite a bit more now. I just wish she did more than clean up after Walter lately. My only fear is she's a major enough character to warrant a heart tugging character death and so I fear they'll kill her off before she gets to be more awesome. There's always her Alt!Self who is also awesome but lacking in her social skills due to her Autism that makes "our" version so relatable. I really hope we get to know more about her and why she and her Alternate self are so very different. I'd like to see if she will start picking up the comparison/statistics skills her Alt self has. Speaking of which…

Yep. I love it. It's familiar but different which makes it fascinating in much the same way BSG fascinated me. Not everyone is good or evil, there's LOTS of grey area and even the shape-shifters who *were* painted as evil at first have now been shown in a much more sympathetic light. nazkey  told me the other day: I saw an interview with the show writers once where they said that people Over There were more earnest, honorable, honest, etc. because they were in such a precarious situation and I think that's very true. Everyone seems more genuine over there.

And I have to completely agree with her. I love how laid back Charlie is. Liv is much more relaxed, funny and confident. Lincoln Lee *fans self* we'll get to him in a second. ;) Walternate even has a much more sound and reasonable "excuse" for his ambitions even if he's got the wrong idea about needing to wage a war against. I loved the great Broyles/Olivia storyline at the beginning of the season. Nice to know some things don't change.

I'm still very curious how the  switched out Broyles for Olivia given they said the mass had to be the same to switch them. There's no way Broyles and Olivia have the same mass. Something isn't adding up on that plot point. Either bad writing or a clue something is amiss.

ETA: Somehow the first time around I managed to miss that one of Broyle's legs and one of his arms was cut off. How I missed this I don't even know... so that at least explains the mass equaling Olivia's.

Lincoln Lee:
We haven't met "our" Lincoln (yet!) but judging by the preview for the next episode he's quite different from his other self as well. Brash cocky and yet charming and grounded in a way we don't usually see on tv. I kinda roll my eyes at his being so obviously in love with Olivia, but oh well... what can you do? Writers are trying to create tension. Seriously though, I love the Alternate Lincoln Lee! LOVE HIM! He needs his own show. Plus, it doesn't hurt that he's ridiculously good looking. I was telling someone that looks-wise he reminds me of a younger John Barrowman and could play his brother in something. (Too bad that role has already been done on Torchwood.) I'm excited to see the Clark Kent geeky version of himself this coming Friday though.

And that leads me to confess that pretty much for the first time ever, I have invented a ship that doesn't actually exist in canon (yet!). I think this stemmed from being so bored with Peter and Olivia that I had to create an epic ship for myself. I don't really watch this show so much for the romantic relationships at this point. (Though I do love the dynamic dysfunctional family thing they all have going on.) But naturally I do like a good romance in the middle of things, so I've conviced myself that given the right opportunity Lincoln/Astrid would be phenomenal together. I'm stupidly excited to see them in the same room together next week and see if my hunch is right. Though, nerdy Lincoln might be a little less suave and charming than his counter self perhaps even clueless when it comes to the romance department, so there's that. Stil... I have hope. :) And if anything, it will give me some much needed footage for vidding. heh!
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