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Short Circuit, PG-13, #53 & #89

Fic: Short Circuit
Title: Short Circuit
Pairing: Kara/Lee - Battlestar Galactica
Spoilers: Up to S2x16: Sacrafice
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1489 words
Summary: Kara and Lee get trapped in the dark together.
Authors Note: Written for no_takebacks - Pilot Porn Battle Prompts 53. Kara shows up on Lee's first "date" with Dee and makes him an offer he can't refuse. and 89. Power outage (kind of)

Kara walks into the bar scanning it until she zeros in on who she’s looking for. Across the room Dee is sitting at a table staring through a glass divider at Lee who’s leaning against the bar apparently ordering drinks and getting an earful from non-other than Ellen Tigh. She smirks recalling his story of the first time Mrs. Tigh cornered him.

Kara makes a beeline towards the table sneaking up behind Dee, “Cubit for your thoughts,” she taunts just behind her.

“Starbuck!” Dee jumps almost falling off her chair and Kara can’t help but chuckle.

“The one and only.”

“What are you doing here?” Dee asks.

“Same as everyone else – a little R&R right?” she nods towards Lee and then winks at Dee who begins to fidget at the suggestion. “Well… maybe not so much with the rest part.”

“What do you need, Kara?” she asks obviously becoming annoyed at the seemingly pointless interruption.

“Since you asked, I need to borrow your date for about 10 minutes. 15 minutes max. I’ll bring him back good as new. Promise.” She grins.

“Why are you asking me? Shouldn’t you ask him?”

“I wasn’t asking.” Kara shakes her head. “Just thought you might like to know. I’m nothing if not considerate.” She nods as if agreeing with herself and smiles.

“Considerate and Starbuck don’t even belong in the same universe.” Lee pipes in as he rounds the corner with two fancy drinks in his hand. “Do you mind?” he motions towards the chair Kara has invaded.

“Not at all Captain fancy pants.” she says eyeing the fancy drinks with delicate umbrellas and bright rainbow colors before hopping off the chair. “Don’t get comfortable. I need your help with something.”


“Yep. Sorry, can’t wait. It will only take a few minutes, then you can return to this lovely lady here.” She tugs his arm pulling him out of the chair without waiting for a response.

“Wait...” he sighs glancing back to Dee when Kara doesn’t stop. "Dee, I'm so sorry. I'll be right back."

"What the frak Starbuck?! What's going on?"

"Remember when the firing range almost ran out of oxygen?"

His eyes snap up paying closer attention. "Yeah, why?"

"Seems some sensors in the wall panels are giving off strange readings and the old man asked me to check it out while I was here. I need an extra pair of hands to help me out for a minute."

"And you couldn't find anyone else?"

"Why would I do that when you’re already here?"

"Maybe because I’m a little busy?"

She laughs and nods back at Dee who is now looking more flustered by the second as Billy approaches her at the table. "Come on Apollo, it won't take more than ten minutes."

Glancing over at Dee trying to deal with Billy he sighs. "Fine."


Work and Kara Thrace, Lee thinks, were the last things on his mind when he’d planned out the evening with Dee, but here he was sliding into a wall access panel from within the Ladies room right behind Starbuck like it was just another day.

Only moments after they enter the access area a loud clang slams behind them. Air pressure doors are now blocking off their only way in or out.

“Frak!” Kara curses hurrying further down the small hall-like area in front of him. Lee can’t see anything except where Kara is shining the torch on the wall in front of her pausing occasionally to check the panel numbers. Each short stop causes Lee to bump into her.

After about the third run in Kara barks, “Quit trying to touch my ass Lee.” clearly as annoyed as he is to be stuck here.

“I'm not, I can't see anything Kara!” he runs a hand through his hair regretting his decision to help already.

“Ah-ha! Found it! Hold this.” She passes the torch off to him as she searches through the tool box. After a moment Kara has propped open the sensor panel door and she’s examining the wires inside. “Everything looks ok to me. I don’t know what’ causing the problem.”

“Let me look.” he squeezes beside her with the torch shining brighter into the panel. “Well at least the Oxygen sensor is ok this time, something must have triggered the air pressure locks on the emergency doors.” Then without warning the torch flickers out. Lee clicks the power button a couple times with no results and then sighs. “Well, that’s just great.”

“What the frak do we do now?” Kara demands.

“Wait, I guess until someone realizes we’re missing?” He shrugs not sure what they can really do and leans against the parallel wall slumping down to the floor.

“Great.” she replies not hiding the annoyance in her voice.

After a few minutes he can hear Kara shifting, restless in the dark finally deciding to sit down beside him. “What were you doing here on Cloud 9 anyway?” he finally asks.

“Do you really want me to answer that?”

He smiles. “Guess not,” and notices the small space is getting warm with the lack of air flow.  With vision gone all his other senses are heightened and Kara’s foot tapping starts to drive him nuts. “Would you stop?” he finally snaps.


“Your foot tapping. It's loud.”

She sighs frustrated and stops. It's only moments later when she cracks her knuckles.

“Kara.” he gritts out her name.

“Sorry, I can’t just sit here.” He hears her stand up again pacing now.

He stands up to join her when suddenly her laughter spills out of into the darkness startling him. “Gods, this is like a bad movie.”

“Yeah.” he laughs agreeing until the inevitable awkward silence falls between them. He hears her feet shift in the dark and her arm grazes his. Suddenly he wishes now more than ever he could see her face and read the expression on it. With his senses heightened he’s sure he can hear her breathing grow more shallow as the minutes - or is it seconds - pass. He needs to break the tension somehow.

“Ka...” he begins to say something, but suddenly Kara is grabbing his shirt running her hands up his body to find his face and pulls his head to hers smashing her lips against his in a needy kiss.

Lee's breath catches in his throat at the sudden gesture. He wants to ask her what the frak she’s doing, but he knows from past experience it would end badly. Her hands grab his shirt tighter and he reacts instinctively pulling her close and wrapping his hands around her waist. As his mouth catches hers again he kisses her slower feeling the muscles in her back tense up under his touch.

She groans into his mouth as the tension he felt building up in her body begins to take on a life of it's own. Before he can even think about what’s happening she’s yanking his shirt free from the waist of his pants and sliding her hands under the hem of his shirt. Lee can’t help but press his body into hers welcoming the touch. Pulling back for  he mimics the gesture lifting her silk top up so he can feel her skin against his hands.

He never could say ‘no’ to Kara Thrace about anything.

As they sit in the dark Kara’s head is buzzing. She’s not exactly sure why that just happened or what it means but right now she can only think about one thing. “Lee?” she asks quietly.


“I'm sorry.” she says. For everything, she thinks.

“Well, if that's your way of apologizing you can frak up any time you want.”

She laughs. “Yeah right….” she wishes it really were always that easy. Silence fills the air for a beat and she starts feeling restless again until Lee finally speaks.

“Hey, I was thinking...” he hesitates.

Always thinking she rolls her eyes un-noticed in the dark.

“I um… I’m pretty sure I owe you an apology as well.”

Kara laughs raucously. “Oh yeah?” she teases.

“Mmm hmm.” She feels his shoulder move as his head nods in the dark. This time when he finds her mouth he kisses her sweetly and softly stopping to touch her face as if memorizing it with his hands.

She sighs wishing she could see his face now but decides to asks something that’s been on her mind anyway, “Are we ok?” She’s not sure how or if this is ever going to work between them, but right now she just needs things to be ok first.

She hears his smile crack in the dark, “Yeah Kara we’re ok. Uh, more than ok, I’d say.” He laughs and kisses her again adding, “I've missed you.”

She feels her chest tighten. "I've missed you too."
Tags: bsgfic, kara/lee
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