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Artist Recommendation: Megan McCauley

I have to recommend this artist to all my fellow Kara/Lee fans out there. I found her through my Pandora radio station a couple weeks ago and I kept liking her songs that popped up so yesterday I downloaded her (sadly, one and only) album. It was released in 2007 so it's likely some of you may already be familiar with her, but I'm quite unfamiliar with much of the music that was released form '07-'10 due to living on a ship aka a black hole time bubble.

Anyway, I listened to the entire album while doing dishes and cleaning up around my apartment tonight and WOW, it's just crazy how many of the songs fit them. I'm sure I'll include at least one of her songs in an upcoming mix and/or vid, but this lady's whole album fits pilots so perfectly it's almost as if she wrote the album with them in mind! She's got a great voice and lots of variety in her musical style - sassy, fun, hard, soft. Here's some sample lyrics and an embedded playlist at the bottom for you guys to sample. :)

Megan McCauley
Album: Better than Blood --- Also one song from the "Fantastic Four Sountrack" and one unreleased song.

I'm not worth your truth anymore.
I'm numb to the pain that made me sore.
Bring me hate watch me bleed again.
Lie to fate let her break what doesn't bend.
See me as everything I couldn't be.
I am fragile, but I'm strong enough.
I am wanted, enemy number one.
I am lying, cause I never fell.
If you need me, follow me to hell.

Come to Me
I remember when you said life was hard on you,
And, I remember when I watched you come undone again.
And I still feel now, all the damage kept inside.
All the walls that you built up,
And all the bridges you burnt down,
In the end, it comes down to, I'm the one always around.

I Realize
And I realize, that I've lost my mind.
And I realize, that I am the lie.
It's over, my time to shine.
I'm already dead, so why can't I die.
Everything I thought I could see, has disappeared.
Everything I thought I could be, Has been drown by fear.
Somehow it seems all I can do, is sit and stare.
Somehow nothing good seems to last, or was it ever there?

I can't breathe anymore
Somehow I'm locked inside this cage
And I try
But I cannot fight to stay alive
Falling from this edge
I am lost to all I know
Time is only the answer see and
Lies the only

See Through
Are you busy?
Can we meet?
'Cause I feel you when I breathe
Will you tell me
Should I love you?
Can I save you?
Can I touch you?
And my visions are undeniable
And the words you speak are so undefiable
You're a drug, you're just so unconquerable
And you're the only thing I can do
I see through

Midnight workings, weather down the storyline
I try to find the truth between all the lies
When Bleeding is feeling and feeling ain't real
Will I see you when I open my eyes?
Will I see you when I open my eyes?
When Breathing's a burden we all have to bear
And trust is one thing we're taught never to share
Somehow you just seem to shine
When loving means breaking and saying goodbye

Wrong Way Out
Face down, I’ll be 'til I don’t know when
But supposing now you let me choose again
Hands tied, I couldn’t tell you where I’ve been
I’ll let the whole thing slide
I think I could have stayed with you
Instead I took the wrong way out
I didn’t know wrong until now
I can only see what I’m meant to see
When it comes around
Instead of breaking myself down
I took the wrong way out
I took the wrong way out
Die For You (Fantastic Four Soundtrack)
Your fear, it moves me
Your Weakness, I taste
I breathe you, I hate you
You course through my vains
And now
And now
You want me, you love me
And I hate myself
I breathe you, but I hate you
Cause I want nothing else

Time (this one's unreleased, but just google it)
Woke up to the perfect day
I was feeling more than okay
I had so much fun today
I got higher
Woke up to my favorite day
Then you came and put it to an end
I know now, time is not a friend

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