Melissa (wand3rlust) wrote,

Story Vidding

I've been vidding a lot lately. Like obsessively, sleeping only 4 hours a night, laundry piling up and eating crap for dinner. I've got three vid projects (2 BSG and 1 Torcwood!) going on right now, but I am trying to focus on one at a time as much as possible unless I'm just stuck and need a break.

Anyway, one of these vids (an A/U BSG vid) I'm currently working will take longer because it's what I call a "story vid" - I have no idea what everyone else calls them...  but the basic idea is that I either create a story in my head or base it off a fanfic and then I make a vid that tells that story. In that way it's kinda like a trailer, but it's a little different too because I try to tell to story with the song I use as well.

Anyway to give you and idea, I thought I'd share an Eowyn&Faramir vid I made many years ago. I did a few A/U vids featuring them because they had a minuscule amount of scenes on camera. This is what I call a story vid.... :) Enjoy!

P.S. The vid quality of this is atrocious... but it was made back in like 2004-2005 before video compression was perfected.

Tags: eowyn, eowyn/faramir, faramir, lotr, vids
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