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Kara's Dream - A fanvid

Music:"The Chairman's Waltz" - John Williams
Vidder: wand3rlust 
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Character(s): Kara Thrace
Spoilers: Contains clips from entire series.
Summary:  All those little stolen moments turned into a somewhat random dream Kara's having that's loosely threaded together.

Video Info & Notes
I'm currently working on two other videos at the moment, but today I was struck with the idea to do this video and I just couldn't stop myself from working on it.  I love the cinematography on Battlestar Galactica and I love how they occasionally used extreme closeups to make you feel like you were witnessing intensely private moments, so I wanted to do a vid highlighting some of those stolen moments.

This originally started out as a more random and general BSG vid, but somewhere along the way I decided to make it a dream Kara was having to give it a little more focus. So I tried to make it random and nonsensical in that fascinating way dreams are, you know...? Like, how you can be standing in the elevator one second and then you step off into a forest, but it's still lightly threaded together. Or how one person can suddenly shift into another and even sometimes how it feels like you're not inside your dream at all, just watching if from afar. That's the feeling I was going for here.

I had a couple instrumental songs picked out for the original idea, but I kept coming back to "The Chairman's Waltz" (from the Memoirs of  a Geisha soundtrack) as I was picking out clips because it's not too long and not too short, plus it just has a whimsical feel. I hope you like it.
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