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Legend of the Seeker and other Shows

I realize my LJ has been kinda heavy handed with the BSG & Kara/Lee squeeing and flailing. No, that's not gonna stop anytime soon, so you've got fair warning, but I actually DO like and watch other shows. I promise.

I still don't have cable so I'm not really watching anything currently on the air (with the exception of catching online episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and Grey's Anatomy when I remember to), but I have a sneaking suspicion that will change very soon because I'm starting FRINGE this weekend and if it grabs me as much as I think it probably will then I'll cave and get cable. I tried to just get an antenna for my TV but apparently I'm in a horrible spot because the thing picks up like two channels total.

Anywho, to break up the monotony let's talk about what OTHER shows I flail over right now. :)

1. Doctor Who! Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor is fantastic! Amy Pond as companion - sometimes I love her, sometimes I really dislike her. However, I actually love that I don't always like her, if that makes sense.
2. Dexter. Love this show to bits and pieces. It's creepy and I feel oh-so-wrong supporting a serial killer in a series, but it's fantastic!
3. Legend of the Seeker. - Ok, technically this show is now officially canceled and off the air but it's still so recent that I would say the fandom is very much active and it's an easy show to marathon over a weekend. I've had a few people ask why I like it, or what's the appeal and I can't really put it into an easy short description. So... I'll let this fan-made trailer speak for me. It actually has clips from both seasons, but being a trailer it doesn't actually spoil anything major to the series. Bonus! It features music from Bear McCreary! Thanks zeromuchjenn for the link! (P.S. hope you don't mind that I dragged you kicking and screaming into BSG, but these things must be done sometimes in the name of fandom. :p)

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