Melissa (wand3rlust) wrote,

The Forgotten One

Title: The Forgotten One
Rating: PG
Characters: Kara, Lee, Mystery Man
Warnings: none needed
Summary: This was inspired by a prompt I was going to attempt for the 5+1 challenge over at no_takebacks  but it came out too long for a drabble. The prompt I was thinking of was 5 she remembers 1 she forgets. This little bit of fliclet is the forgotten one. Maybe I'll do the 5 other memories at some point.
Length: 680 words

Note: Just a note to say I'm not really a writer. I haven't written anything seriously since high school (10 years ago) so please feel free to message me if there are any major flaws that you notice. Otherwise, I hope you like it.

The Old Man has granted Kara a week of leave. Yesterday was the year mark since Zak's death and she spent it drowning it out in a local dive just a few blocks from her apartment. The next morning she wakes too early. The sun isn't even bright yet and the room is swaying like a boat. There's a man asleep next to her and she has no recollection of even meeting him let alone bringing him home last night. He's older, probably in his late thirties or early forties. His dark hair is tightly cropped and his tan skin smooth over his well formed muscles. She's sure he must be military just by the looks of him and sees exactly why she picked him to bring home, he looks like an older version of Zak. Looking at him though makes her start thinking things she doesn't want to think about so she gets up and throws on some clothes, downs a huge glass of water and washes her face with ice cold water before she returns. She nudges his shoulder and he stirs before his eyes blink open.

"Morning." he smiles and reaches out to grab her hand.

She flinches back and runs the hand through her hair. "Listen, I don't want to be rude," she starts, "but I have some things to do today and..."

"Oh, right of course." He smiles taking the hint. "Mind if I wash up first?"

Kara nods motioning towards the bathroom. She makes up the bed and lays his clothes out trying her best to smooth out some of the wrinkles. The water shuts off so she heads to the kitchen and pours herself a glass of juice. She hopes he doesn't ask for coffee or to stay any longer than necessary.

Thankfully he's seemed to take the hint since he grabs for his jacket of the couch as he comes out from the bedroom. Or maybe he just wants to leave as much as she wants him too. She doesn't care.

"Lieutenant Thrace," he smiles and kisses her cheek, "maybe I'll see you around sometime."

She smiles and nods. "Maybe," she agrees. Definitely military. She follows him up the stairs to see him out, but before they reach the top there's a knock at the door.

He glances back at her, "Expecting company?" He grins and raises his eyebrows teasing.

She doesn't notice. "No..." she answers blankly, too busy trying to figure out who's arrived so early. She squeezes past him on the stairs and opens the door hesitantly. Standing there with his back turned away is Lee holding a bouquet of dark blue flowers at his side. She knows instantly the flowers aren't for her and the sight of him there nearly breaks her.

Lee turns at the sound of the door opening. "Wow, that was qui..." he doesn't finish as he looks right past her and then frowns.

Kara glances back seeing the nameless man she'd almost forgotten was there. "Lee," she pauses as the thoughts race in, You have the worst timing ever. This isn't what it looks like. Ok it is what it looks like. Have you ever heard of a phone? Why do you have to look so damn disappointed? Stop judging me! Why are you here? Don’t answer that, I know why you're here. I miss him too.

"Hello, I'm Major John McGavin," the man interrupts her thoughts and reaches out a hand to Lee, "and please don't mind me I really was just leaving. I only stopped by to deliver some paperwork to Lieutenant Thrace this morning."

Lee takes his hand shaking it. "I'm Lee." he offers clearly not in the mood for any Adama praises this morning.

John turns to Kara and reaches out his hand to shake hers, "Lieutenant."

She takes his hand shaking it, "Major." As he walks away down the hall she smiles realizing for the first time what Lee holding a bunch of flowers at her door must have looked like to him. She glances down again at the flowers and frowns remembering why Lee is even here in the first place.

"Delivering paperwork?" He raises an eyebrow at her, "Is that what we're calling it now?"

She laughs rolling her eyes. "Shut up."
Tags: 5remembered1forgotten, bsg, bsgfic, fic, kara/lee
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