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There's a difference between intriguing and fucked up

Just finished "In the Woods" by Tana French

Much thanks to my flist actually, because this book showed up on at least two (maybe three?) people's year-end list and after looking up the plot on amazon I was completely intrigued. Plus add in bantering buddy cops and you've sold me for life! It was quite an enthralling read, especially in the last half of the book. I practically couldn't put the book down today until I finished it.

I would definitely recommend it to most anybody who enjoys a good read. The writing is very descriptive and lyrical, but not in a distracting kind of way. The characters were fantastic and very realistic, the writer gives them all such a wonderful voice througought.

Also, much kudos to the author as well because I honestly had no idea a murder/mystery could actually have as many laugh out loud moments as this one did while still being completely serious and creepy as you would think a murder/mystery would be.

Now all that said, I definitely have some ranting, oh yes. So it is here I will cut for major plot spoilers.

Ok, I know was warned (more than once!) about the ending... but MY GOD I wanted to throw my brand new e-reader across the room at least half a dozen times today for the last 100 pages or so. In fact I'm still kinda ragey about it right now, and so all I can do is just laugh at myself for getting so caught up in yet another book and story.

First of all, the thing I think that irritated me most was the bit towards the end when Rob says something about "Don't judge me so quick because she fooled you too."  Because, uhm NO she did not! I don't know if I just watched too many episodes of Dragnet on Nick at Night as a kid, if I really am just very clever or if the author threw that line in as joke knowing she wasn't actually fooling the audience, but Rosalind never got anywhere close to fooling me. The moment Rosalind bitched about her sister Jessica being a stupid little girl right in front of Rob I I knew there was something seriously wrong and manipulative about her. Add on top of that the weird comments from the dance teacher and the coincidence about the man in the track suit that sent my alarm bells off. I knew she was in on her sister's death in one way or another from that point forward. Her manipulative comments about Cassie not liking her further solidified it to me.

Second of all, there wasn't one shred of resolution to Rob's missing memory and childhood friend's disappearance. Was it some sort of crazy LOST smoke monster in the woods? What was the point of Jamie's hair clip at Katy's murder scene? Did I miss something???

Third, she was under eighteen??! OMG *head desk* It was at this point I set the book down a literally felt like pulling my hair and screaming at how idiotic one "detective" could be.  I honestly don't think I would have felt sorry if O'Kelley had fired him for good after that screw up.

And lastly, I was disappointed at the news of Cassie and Sam's engagement (WTF is it with guys named Sam anyway??), but I honestly can't blame her for that. Rob treated her like crap several times after everything she did for him that night. He has a lot of cleaning up to do if he intends to repair their friendship let alone a relationship. I still have some hope though, it's just an engagement right?? Things can change, right?? Well... I haven't read the sequel yet, but I'm assuming Rob is nowhere to be found in it - seems to me like from the ending that it would possibly be several years (if ever) before he would see her again.  I'll hold out hope that it can be fixed.

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