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See the Sun - A Lee Adama fanmix

BSG - Lee Adama - See the Sun
Mixer: wand3rlust 
Sci-Fi's Battlestar Galactica
Subject: Lee Adama
Title: See the Sun
Tracks: 17
Length: 1 hr 10 mins
Warnings: Spoilers through the finale. There's likely cursing in one or more of the tracks. I don't monitor that kind of thing since it doesn't bother me. Also it's highly likely that I'll curse at some point in the the commentary, too.
Features: The Kooks, The Killers, Our Lady Peace, Incubus, Keane, Mumford&Sons and more.
If the cover art looks familiar at all it's because it was directly inspired by the"Back from Earth" EP by Awolnation. I highly recommend the EP also - though sadly none of the songs are in this particular mix.


So I know it's kinda wrong to toot your own horn and all, but I'm extremely proud of this mix. I love the mood and cohesiveness of the music. While it's a little on the melancholy side, it never becomes too angsty in my opinion.

This mix was a challenge to myself to find Lee specific songs. I was excited to hunt through my music library and poke around online to find music that reminds me of our favorite flyboy. I now can say my Lee play list is nearly as long as my Kara play list. In fact, I had a hell of a time just cutting this mix down to 17 songs. Needless to say I predict more Lee mixes in the future. :) I really hope you guys enjoy this one. There's not a single song in this mix that feels like filler to me - then again I am a little biased. :p

DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement is intended. FYI: The government says music should be deleted off your computer after 24-48 hours. Additionally, the screencap used for the cover image is from and can be located here and the mix template was found at 
tracks, lyrics & commentary
01. Daddy's Eyes - The Killers
That woman's on my back again / I know she's got the best intentions / and you begin to realize / you know you got your daddy's eyes / There's something I wanna say / I love her too / and all of this has got nothing to do with you

Yes, Lee's got his daddy's eyes. This song would actually be from Adama's POV explaining his excuses to Lee why he can't stay. It rings true that Adama loves his wife, but still can not be around her because of her personality. This seems to be echoed by Lee's comment about his mom when he says, "You know what she could be like."

02. Someday You Will Be Loved - Death Cab for Cutie
I once knew a girl / In the years of my youth / with eyes like the summer / all beauty and truth / In the morning I fled / Left a note and it read: "Some day you will be loved."
This song always reminds me of the minor storyline brought up in S2 about how Lee didn't commit to his then pregnant girlfriend Gianne on Caprica before the attacks. He cared about her, but he (supposedly) wasn't ready to start a family at that time and therefore ran away from her. I love that in the song even though he's breaking her heart he still really wishes she finds true love eventually because he does care about her.

03. Watching the Ships Roll In - The Kooks
Still watching the ocean move, / If only I could show you my soul and places I've been. / Watching the ocean curl, / And little girls playing in the sand, as I am bored, longing to listen to you talk. / I got nothing to say, / I got nothing to lay at your feet. / I just keep hoping, hoping, you will be the man, / That I couldn't be.
This song is actually about missing a very close friend, but it really makes me think of Lee and Zak. How he misses his brother and wishes they could just talk. It's funny but you could even think of this song more from Zak's POV watching Lee from the afterlife.

04. Overdue - The Get Up Kids
Twenty four years overdue, / What kind of role model are you? / Very least learn not to do, / I think I might be over you. / Do hope I won't / Learn to make / The same mistakes, / That you would / Make me aware / That only fear, / My only hope, / Is letting go.
This song completely encapsulates Lee's feelings towards his father at the beginning of the mini-series.

05. Echo - Incubus
There's something about the way you move / I see your mouth in slow motion when you sing / More subtle than something, someone contrives / Your movements echo that I have seen the real thing
Very simply put Lee is enamored with Kara from day one, and it never really stops building. It's all the little things that add up to her being the girl of his dreams. I also love how the song he notes My biggest fear will be the rescue of me / Your biggest fear will be the rescue of you. Which shows some insight that he realizes they're both afraid to really give into their attraction to each other.

06. A Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz
You're the best of both worlds / You're the kind of girl / who can take down a man / and lift him back up again. / You are strong but you're needy / humble but you're greedy / .... Well it kind of hurts / when the kind of words you write / kind of turn themselves into knives / and don't mind my nerve / you could call it fiction / but I like being submerged in your contradictions dear.... / Your comebacks they're quick and probably have to do with your insecurities / There's no shame in being crazy, depending on how you take these words/
Sorry I quoted like half the song, but the lyrics kind of speak for themselves here. It really shows how Lee appreciates and completely understands the contradiction of a woman that is the beautiful Kara Thrace.

07. Apollo - Hum
It's lift off, lift off again / She's pissed off, pissed off again / .... Moonlight brings me back again to stay / I know if she had her way / I'd be through / tethered to a glass ring / she keeps beside the phone / never ever stepping out into...
Interesting story how I found this song. I was actually looking for "Stars" by Hum (a really big hit in the 90's) to download for another mix when I cam across this! Of course having Apollo as the song's title I had to listen to it! Imagine my delight when the lyrics fit elements of Lee's relationship with both Kara and Dee.

08. 4 AM - Our Lady Peace
Walked around my good intentions / Found that there were none / Blamed my father for the wasted years / We hardly talked / Never thought I would forget this hate / then a phone call made me realize I was wrong / If I don't make it known that / I've loved you all along / just like the sunny days that / we ignore because / we're all dumb & jaded / and I hope to God I / figure out what's wrong
This song was written about the singer's father and how they had a falling out and barely spoke for years. The song writer then had a terrible dream that his father had a heart attack and died before he could make it to the hospital. He realized life was too short for grudges. For that reason, this song really reflects to me of the relationship between Lee & Adama. He goes through a similar emotional transformation after his father gets shot by Sharon right in front of him. Healing was never an easy process, but he knew they were lucky enough to get a second chance, so he did try very hard to start mending the relationship.

09. Shoot Your Gun - 22-20s
Spin me some sad story / sell me some excuse / to help me understand the things you do / 'cause the way you treat your lovers / well I just can't relate / well where'd you learn to shoot your gun so straight?
This one really makes me think of Lee and his confusion towards Kara in Scar as well as after she gets back from Caprica with Sam. I suppose it could also reflect his feelings as a whole towards her after the craziness of New Caprica.

10. I'm Willing - Ben Lee
I took a breath of fresh air. / I took in the view at the top. / I took a lock of her golden hair. / I took a look. It was gone / If living is giving, / I'm ready. I'm willing.
Lee impulsively admits he loves Kara and is willing to jump head first into a relationship with her after their night on New Caprica which is why he's so blindsided later

11. See the Sun - The Kooks
Wasn't it you who said life was like a plastic cup / To be used and then disposed of / Yeah, but that's no way to live a life like yours / Don't you see now how I pay / I see the sun rising / And all you see is it fall fall fall / For all the times I never never turned her way / And now she's here on someone else's arm
Poor blindsided Lee.... There's something very nostalgic sounding in this song. Him looking back on how messed up and confused things have been between him and Kara, especially since what happened in Scar to this point. There are many times he could have made his move without completely overwhelming and scaring Kara away. But of course that's not how it happened and now he feels like he's the on who is always paying for the mistakes.

12. Near to You - A Fine Frenzy
I loved [her] so but I let [her] go / Cause I knew [she'd] never love me back / Such pain as this / Shouldn't have to be experienced / I'm still reeling from the loss, / Still a little bit delirious / Near to you, I am healing / But it's taking so long / 'Cause though [she's] gone / And you are wonderful / It's hard to move on / Yet, I'm better near to you.
I know this song is actually from the female's POV but if we change the he's to she's and him's to her's then you have exactly the relationship that Lee and Dee have. Poor Lee keeps trying to convince himself that Dee is better for him. Unfortunately he just can't forget Kara so he just keeps repeating over and over again that Dee makes him better. He asks her to stay and have patience with him thinking if he tells himself enough times that he's better off with Dee that he will eventually believe it.

13. Overweight but Over You - The Vaselines
It’s a recipe we have to follow / take heartache and avenge your sorrow / let it simmer for a year or two / serve it up and then we’re through / …. It’s not my form / it’s not big bones / it’s not my age or my hormones / on a diet I call rejection / I got sick with no affection
Best song title ever, right?! I still can’t read the title of the song (let alone listen to the song all the way through) without collapsing into a fit of giggles. I found it by sheer cosmic accident last week because I was adding some last minute additions to my 2010 year end play list. (I was looking for their song Sex with an X which is another good upbeat song that would also fit pilots.) So, when I saw the title of this song on the ablum I did a double take and just cracked up!! Because, of course the VERY first thing that popped into my head was the infamous (love him or hate him) Fat Apollo. hehehe! I gave it a listen and decided it was a perfect for Lee and his weight gain the gear he's on the Pegasus. The song is full of puns but it's not hokey. In fact the song is really very catchy. The album is still fairly new so I can’t find official lyrics posted anywhere. I had to guess a little.

14. Another Round - Foo Fighters
When she goes storming out / I run for cover / Rolling like thunder clouds / Hanging above her / .... / Can you go another round / I will follow you down and out /Lets go another round / I will follow you down and out
More Lee & Kara goodness. He just can't stay away from her, round after round after round. :) This is a very good song for their entire relationship.

15. I Gave You All - Mumford & Sons
I never meant you any harm / But your tears feel warm as they fall on my forearm / But close my eyes for a while / Force from the world a patient smile / How can you say that your truth is better than ours? / Shoulder to shoulder, now brother, we carry no arms
The song fits Lee's life in many ways as a whole. Not much explanation needed - just listen. :) Mumford & Sons is a great bad for Lee in general. I almost included another of their song's called "Little Lion Man" that fits Lee's childhood as well.

16. No More Good Guys - Skindive
You left me standing here, / alone and colder, / I hope that some day soon, / the pain inside will stop. / You died today, / but you're still breathing, / in my mind, / that is, / there's no more good guys
The song specifically makes me think of Lee's quite greving for Kara after her viper explodes. He really has no one to turn to at that time. It could also be viewed as Lee's life and losses as a whole - even his own brush with death.
I actually used it for a LotR fanvid about 5 years ago, but it still fits very well for Lee/Adama/Kara/Zak's screwed up relationships. Seriously, here’s my old vid’s description: Gondor's Galactica’s most dysfunctional family... A focus on how Boromir's Zak’s and/or Kara's death affects the already strained relationship between Faramir Lee and Denethor Adama. Just swap out the names and wah-lah it fits! And now I find myself thinking about a crazy LOTR/BSG crossover. ha! I digress...

17. A Bad Dream - Keane
I wake up, it's a bad dream / No one on my side / I was fighting / But I just feel too tired / To be fighting / Guess I'm not the fighting kind / Wouldn't mind it / If you were by my side / But you're long gone / Yeah you're long gone now
Sorry to end on such a somber note. The song is really lovely though. It makes me think of Lee being left all on his own on New Earth. Poor bastard always getting the crap end of the stick. :/

ZIP file(here 97 MB)

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