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The Inside Joke

Working at the movie theater today a man and his friend we having a small conversation about popcorn...

While I was living in Mexico I would go to the movie theater and they'd have salsa, mayonnaise, and this array of condiment to choose from to eat with your popcorn. You wouldn't believe how many people ate Mayo with their popcorn.

I ignored the pulling instinct to hound more intriguing info about Mexico from him and he and his friend walked off to their theater. About and hour later a woman and her friend came up to my register and ordered the usual combo of Coke and popcorn and then as I got their order ready they were having what I assume to be an amusing conversation in Spanish since the two were laughing at something. I smiled politely as I finished up their order and they paid and walked away. A moment later one of the ladies came back to my counter. Do you have any Mayonnaise? she asked me. I stared for a moment dumbstruck by the "coincidence" and then said I was sorry as I had not replied to her answer. She thought I didn't understand what she had said. She repeated, Do you have any Mayonnaise? I apologized again, but this time adding that we didn't have any mayo. As she walked away I smiled to myself at the little "inside joke" that I shared with no one in particular.
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