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This was supposed to be a year end round up, but my computer is possesed.

I have tried and failed to write a year-end post about 5 times now. You see, I have this ancient 5 year old Dell laptop. The power cord that charges the battery split at the end and no longer powers/charges the computer. Unfortunately, this is the third power adapter that has gone bad, so at $50 a pop I'm just not willing to invest that kind of money anymore in an old clunky laptop. Especially when I'm about a month away from having my dream laptop - MacBook Pro!

Luckily though, a while back I bought a cheap replacement cord which I was hoping would last me during this final phase. This power cord however only powers the computer, but does not charge the laptop's battery. I don't pretend to understand the logic behind such a device, but what do I know. So, here I am stuck tethered to the wall with my "laptop" that is for all intents and purposes useless as a laptop. I'm getting off the topic though, that's not why I've failed writing a year end post. I've failed writing this because at random my laptop decides to reject said mystery cord of power for no good reason. My laptop apparently has a death complex. So it dies without warning because the battery has been completely drained after weeks of being on the wall-tethered non-charging power cord. At that point my post is completely lost because LJ and it's "draft saving" is pretty much as useless as my wall tethered laptop.

So, I think I will try posting something again this evening, but for now I'm just resisting the urge to throw the laptop on the ground and stomp it into a billion pieces. (Which I WILL do once I have my new computer in my hands.) For now though, I think I will go out and lust after all the pretty Macs at Best Buy hoping I can convince myself to hold out just one more month until I can afford one. *dreams*

I'll be back later to TRY the year end roundup post again tonight - if I have completely resisted the urge to permanently end the life of my laptop by then. :)
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