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"Fear and Anger are two sides of the same coin. You have to let both go." - Kara Thrace

Guys... I just watched "Razor" last night --- finally! I don't know where I got confused, but I thought I had already watched it! Holy crap, that was some awesomeness! It was much better than "The Plan" and if it's any indication of how "Blood & Chrome" will be I might just have to cave and watch it if/when it ever airs. If so, I also really hope they get back the actors that played young Adama and that girl he was with. (JC??) She seemed pretty awesome and I think really helps explain another aspect of why he thinks so much of Kara. He knows exactly what it's like to lose the person you love.

Ok, some random thoughts:
  1. Lee's top choice for his CAG was Kara! heee! :D How come there's not more fic set during this time? Or have I just not gotten to it yet?? Seriously, we KNOW some stuff had to have been going on between them. There's NO WAY there wasn't. No way. :)
  2. I really loved the insight into what happened on the Pegasus, I can totally see how it got out of hand.
  3. The girl who played the XO (sorry can't remember her name right off hand) was excellent!
  4. WOW the guy who played young Adama was perfect. How on earth did they find a man that resembled both Lee AND Zak while still looking like a young "Billy" Adama. His Adama Voice was great too!! Oh, and the "minisodes" showing him and that (JC?) girl was heartbreaking. But I have to admit the "What do you hear...?" line has kind of taken on a kind of creepy factor now. LOL
  5. OMG Lee was gonna send Kara to die!! TWICE! *sobs* First he was going to nuke the ship then he ordered her to manually detonate the nuke on board. :( Yeah, I know it would have been all kinds of wrong for him to pull special favors for her, but STILL - it's **Kara** WTF?! :( And after seeing the deleted scene where he's obsessing over the Olympic Carrier I just don't think he would have been able to live with himself knowing it was his command that sent Kara to her death.
  6. Which is why I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO glad Adama was there! I think that little talk at the end of the episode with him and Lee shows that despite appearances Adama does pay attention and KNOWS exactly what nuking the ship would have done to Lee.
  7. I love how grown up Kara seemed in this! The insight into her mother. The beautiful line about fear and anger. The way she confronted the XO with her wit instead of fists, the way she held back from causing a scene with Lee after the first time she almost died. I really wish they would have stayed this route instead of going to the "Death and Resurrection of Kara Thrace's Special Destiny" storyline.
  8. Two words: ROAD TRIP! hehehe I've seen a number of fics based on a road trip, but I had no idea where that prompt came from until now! And by the look on Lee's face you know he TOTALLY knows whatever she's talking about when she mentions bringing back old times. Or maybe it's just the shipper in me that saw that. :P
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