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Fatigue, Insomnia, and more fanmixes in the making - oh my!

Can I just say that it really drives me nuts that even after TWELVE years on LJ, that I still can't save a freakin' draft post! I mean, it's a big pain in the arse to save post ideas somewhere else. I've been working a rec post for weeks now, but haven't been motivated enough to pop back and forth between my google docs (where I have the "draft" saved) and here to cross-reference links and such. It will be posted soon enough though... maybe after the craziness of Christmas Day and I have some time to wind down. :) I'll be happy to sit and do absolutely nothing on Sunday.

So, get this! I missed the solstice lunar eclipse! I'm a big ol' space nerd, so I love this kind of stuff. I was SOOOO pissed at myself because I even drank a cup of coffee at like 10pm and put in movie to keep me awake until midnight. BUT NO my body decided it was going to pass out instead and not wake up until 7am and this is when I realize that sometimes it kinda sucks to live on your own. Then, of course last night I couldn't sleep at all. WTF?? I didn't fall asleep until 5am which is insane. So, I'm going on 2 hours sleep + boatloads of coffee today at work. (shhhh don't tell I'm posting at work haha) Then I have to go home, pack up my car and drive 2.5 hours up to my parents. Driving through "flatter than a pancake/no scenery" KANSAS guys. Can we say highway hypnosis? Hellooooo loud rock play list! heh However, I am excited because my aunt who I haven't seen in YEARS flew in town and we're all having dinner tonight! *happy dance*

Speaking of playlists though, my insomnia provoked me to begin working on my playlist/fanmixes again. I'm not gonna lie, I have like five BSG playlists currently going on right now (and a couple other fandoms as well - ha)! Yes - I'm a self proclaimed audiophile, so I love music and love organizing it too. I have an insane amount of regular playlists in general though. Ones for what mood I'm in, for workouts, for cleaning the house - you get the idea. So five for BSG really isn't too bad for me considering... hehehe

So, first I was trying to battle my Kara/Starbuck mix. It was kind of hopeless though. Honestly, at that time of night I just couldn't possibly sort through 40+ songs to pare it down to a coherent mix and it started to get uber angsty, so I switched gears over to my Lee mix. But again, I'm not completely satisfied with how it looks right now. It's close to being finished, but needs some polishing. (Though I'm SUPER excited for you guys to hear a couple songs I found/discovered for him!!! Very soon, I promise!)

Anyway since I was growing so frustrated I put that energy into a new Kara vs. Cylons (or maybe Kara vs The World?) mix. It's dark, creepy and angry, which I love, but it's nowhere close to being finished yet and I didn't want to post something so dark and angry right before the holidays anyway - it wouldn't feel right.

, in a flash of inspiration (thanks in no small part to callmeonetrack 's delicious day 21 post at pilots_presents ) I decided a Hot/Sexy/Longing/UST pilots mix is exactly what I needed. It practically made itself in about 30 minutes!! I'm just trying to decide on final song order. I really hope I get about an hour of free time after I leave work today to work on it so I can upload and post it and maybe make some cover art - but the cover art might have to wait until Sunday. We shall see. I figure a lot of you guys are offline for a few days anyway, like me because of the holidays/traveling/family etc so I don't feel a huge rush to worry about the artwork. And hey... if any of you guys felt so inclined to make/donate some Hot/Sexy/Longing/UST pilots cover art I definitely wouldn't say no - I'm easy like that. ;)

Ok, I've rambled on and on enough. Just wanna wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS. May you be surrounded by love, warmth and comfort. Safe travels if you are hitting the road/skies in the coming days.
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