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Giftmas is almost here

I got a lot of "giftmas" shopping done this weekend. (I forget now where I saw that, but I'm sure it was someone here on LJ haha) I'm kind of a grinch around the holidays anymore. I don't know why... but I feel myself becoming more cynical as each year passes. It may sound horrible but I really hate having people buy me things too. For several reasons, but the big three are: 1. Most of what I really want these days is way out of the price range of a simple gift so it's something I would never ask anyone else to buy me. 2. I dislike most knick-knacky things unless they have some special meaning. Mostly because I've already got a TON of candles, picture frames, figurines, etc. I don't need MORE stuff to dust. I hate cleaning what I already have enough as it is. haha and 3. I hate asking for silly things like socks, gloves, dvds and books because they always ask "what else do you want?" and really... a dvd and book could cost upwards of $50. There's no reason for anyone to spend that much money on me when we've got kids in the family where the money could be better spent and who would absolutely love an awesome new toy. BLAH Ok... I'm just rambling and whining now. Merry ho ho! :P

Since I have my new Blu-Ray player I've been able to start watching my BSG dvd's and last night I decided to watch the extended version of Daybreak. What can I say, I'm a masochist... but OMG there was this FANTASTIC scene where Starbuck calls Adama out on his B.S. and I couldn't help but pump my fist in the air and hollar "yes!" because it's something that has needed to be said for YEARS!

Found a clip on Youtube:

And then there was the great deleted scene where Kara is cleaning up after dinner and bets Lee that he's the kind of guy that says he wants to do something more with his life but never will. But really the great part of it is the freakin' sexy as hell look Lee gives Kara just as he's walking away. And then the scene after that one with just her and Zak is this ironic and crazy foreshadowing... I especially love her line of "I'm glad you're not like them" all the while in the back of my head I'm thinking, "Oh, poor Kara. You have NO idea what you're talking about - just wait 'till you meet him." haha

Skip ahead to 3:17 and then pause at 4:14 to admire the hotness :)

I'm still working on a rec post, but I've been lazy in getting all my links together. In the mean time I have to give a big shout out to kag523  whose brilliant pre-mini long fic "Falling and Flight" I have been devouring every free moment I get. It is A/U - but not completely. More like a kind of parallel universe where things are just altered. It weaves in pieces of canon BSG which is delightful as well. There's also this fantastic trailer for it which is what originally got me started on the story to begin with. Now I really can't WAIT to watch it once I finish the whole story. :)
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