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Quick Update

Well, no TV yet - my brother couldn't make it down last weekend, but maybe this weekend. I hope so because my dvd player on my laptop finally crapped out last weekend. In anticipation of a television I bought a BluRay dvd player since my copy of Serenity and BSG Complete Series have been sitting and waiting patiently to be watched for about a month now. I'm anxious to see deleted scenes and complete versions of extended episodes. However, for now I can only stream things so I must remain patient.

Speaking of patience, I've temporarily adopted my brothers miniature pinscher puppy (coincidentally named Captian! hehe) until he moves into a place in a few months that allows pets. He's still being house broken and some days I just want to beat my head against a wall in frustration. It's no secret to my friends and family in real life that my desire to raise children and baby animals evaporated years ago - so this has been a little trying for me. However, I must admit there are times when I just have to bust out laughing at the absurdity of this crazy rambunctious dog. Last night he was laying down calm as can be and then I dropped one of my carrots on the floor and he attacked it like some ferocious animal! He bat that thing all around the entire living room like he was trying to kill it!

Well, not much else noteworthy going on right now. I'm drafting a fandom rec post which I will probably post tomorrow. I'm also working on a couple more mixes to hold me over until I can start really vidding again soon!! Yay! :)

And thanks to all my new flist friends for being so awesome and welcoming in the BSG fandom. I plan to attack the Docotor Who fandom next. :D
Tags: bsg, firefly, life, movies, serenity
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