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Unfinished Business - A Kara & Lee Fanmix

BSG - Kara Thrace/Lee Adama - Unfinished Business
Mixer: wand3rlust  
Sci-Fi's Battlestar Galactica
Subject: Kara Thrace/Lee Adama
Title: Unfinished Busniness
Tracks: 13
Length: ?
Warnings: Spoilers for the extended version of Unfinished Business. Season 3 Episode 8
Features: Natalie Imbruglia, Alanis Morisette, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle and more.

I'm sure there's a billion of these already, but I just had to make a famix dedicated specifically to the awesome episode that is "Unfinished Business" and how it really fleshes out the dynamic relationship between Lee and Kara. So.... let's get to it, shall we?

Who doesn't love this episode?? There is so much said and unsaid in the episode. Since this episode is a roller coaster of hard and soft moments so is the music in my mix, though nothing too hardcore so you don't have to worry about bleeding ears. ;) I actually tried to arrange the songs so that they go along with what is happening in the episode at the time, so the angrier songs are at the beginning. Admittedly I did focus a little more on the New Caprica side of things at the end because I like the loving/angsting Kara and Lee.

DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement is intended. All music shared here has been legally purchased by me personally, so please feel free to sample the songs and if you like them support the artist and purchase them as well.

tracks, lyrics & commentary

Relief Next to Me - Tegan and Sara (♪play sample)
And I'm not proud that nothing will seem easy about me / But I promise this, I won't go my whole life telling you I don't need
This song works on so many levels for me. It really shows how Kara doesn't know what to do about Sam (In the dark, I'm just no good at giving relief) but she can't ignore the fact that she misses Lee anymore (I miss you now, I guess like I should have missed you then.) It also shows a more vulnerable side of Kara who simply doesn't seem to trust herself around Lee. (I can't untangle what I know and what should matter most.)

Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park (♪play sample)
I don't know what s worth fighting for / Or why I have to scream / I don't know why I instigate / And say what I don't mean
It wouldn't surprise me to find this song has been used a ton in the fandom because it really does describe Kara's need to push Lee's buttons to a T (as well as other aspects of her life too). But I had to include no matter what because it fit so perfectly. In the episode we all can tell Kara still really cares about Lee by that huge smile that's plastered across her face as she walks into the dance and sees Lee in the ring, but even still she keeps pushing and taunting him until he eventually "agrees" to fight her. She doesn't want to be that way, but she needs the fight so that she knows she can still get under Lee's skin.

4 Walls - Black Light Burns (♪play sample)
Go for the jugular, cut the vein / And kiss it away Kiss it away, kiss it away / Everything that brings me pain
A song full of energy anger and defeat. Kara keeps pushing and pushing to get under his skin until he cracks and punches her. I also love in the extended version the conversation they have where Lee is ranting on Kara for running away. I love that even when their fighting they’re still trying to knock each others walls down, with brute force if they must!

Blood on the Ground - Incubus (♪play sample)
Oh if only you'd grow taller than a brick wall / From now on I'm gonna start holding my breath / When you come around and you flex that fake grin / Cause something inside of me has said more than twice / That breathing less air beats breathing you in
Lee is angry, spiteful and bitter. Rightfully so, but who could blame him (except Kara apparently). But he's trying SO HARD to just ignore Kara's taunts and move on with his life. He's a idiot to think that would work at all, but he gave it a really good effort.

Either Way - Guster (♪play sample)
You were almost kind / You were almost true / Don't let me see / That other side of you / You have learned in time / That you must be cruel / I'll have to wait to get the best of you
I really struggled with where to place this song in the mix, but I think it fits here pretty well. The lyrics are pretty straight forward and I see this song from Lee’s point of view. (Coincidentally I could really see this as a song about his relationship with his father too, but that’s OT.) Anyway I decided put it here in the mix because it reminds me of the ceremony on New Caprica and how it parallels back to when Kara first got back from Caprica with Sam and was blatantly throwing her relationship with Sam in Lee’s face. She’s kind of doing it at the ceremony too, but you can tell now she’s actually looking to see what Lee’s reaction is. Lee knows he’s the only who’s really seen all sides of Kara and he just biding his time waiting for her to realize it too

Wanted - Rachel Diggs (♪play sample)
You don't think you're special / You don't think you're strong / But when the sky is falling / You feel like you belong
I came across this song randomly a few weeks ago while listening to the radio and immediately my brain said “OMG that’s perfect!” It really shows how Lee truly accepts Kara, even with all her insecurities of thinking she’s such a big screw up.

Fall Away - The Fray (♪play sample)
You left something undone / It's now your rerun / It's the one you can't erase.
There are SO many songs from The Fray that fit Kara and Lee that I could practically make a fan mix with just songs from them. This one however fits their night on New Caprica perfectly. Kara lets down her guard (You Fall away from your past) and Lee makes his move.

Every Time - Jessica Andrews
(♪play sample)
Oh, I laughed kinda nervous / I felt you move closer / And felt the world unwind / Once was a stranger, not quite a lover / But steadily crossing the line
I almost didn’t put this one in because I didn’t know how people would respond to a pop-ish country song (Think along the lines of Taylor Swift) and even I’m not much of a country fan, but I just love the schmoopy happiness of this. Especially considering from here on out it gets very angsty. Plus I like the idea that thinking of their night together would just kick Kara’s heart in the ass in a big away, despite the decision she made.
Autumn’s Monologue - From Autumn to Ashes & Melanie Wills (♪play sample)
The shock bleeds the red from my face / when I hear somone’s taken my place / how could love be so thoughtless, so cruel / When all, all that I did was for you
If there was ever a song that perfectly describes Kara’s leaving Lee in the morning and then Lee’s reaction to finding out Kara got married it’s this one. Every. Single. Word. I’ll let the lyrics talk for me on this one.

3 Libras - A Perfect Circle (♪play sample)
Here I am expecting just a little bit / Too much from the wounded / But I see, seeing through it all / Seeing through, see you / 'Cause I threw you the obvious to / See what occurs behind the / Eyes of a fallen angel / Eyes of a tragedy
A  very melancholy song completely from Lee’s POV about how he feels wounded and like Kara doesn’t really see that he’s there for her no matter what.

The Fiction We Live - From Autumn to Ashes (♪play sample)
Been dreaming of this so long / But we only exist in this song / The thing is, I'm not worth the sorrow
A reprise of sorts to the previous Autumns Monologue, but this time it shows the other POV of Kara thinking she’s not worth his sadness. So fitting to how she thinks of herself and how she’s always thought Lee deserved better.
Elements - A Fine Frenzy (♪play sample)
You're gentle now, but i recall / Both tender fire and bitter squall / A history so deep it hurts to look
“A history so deep it hurts to look.” Well, if that one line doesn’t describe all the angst of Kara and Lee ever, I don’t know what does! This song is just gorgeously arranged. I love the first verse because it really makes me think of Lee’s reaction to having to see Kara again every single day. And then the second verse describes how Kara hurt Lee and then how they’re both refusing to let each other back in.
I Miss You - Incubus (♪play sample)
So would I be out of line if I said, I miss you? …. I know I'll see you again, whether far or soon. But I need you to know that I care and I miss you.   
Is is too cliche to have the final song be “I Miss You”?? Oh well, I don’t care if it is... it works perfectly in my opinion. :) Incubus is another band that has many songs that fit Kara and Lee a ton, but this mellow and sweet song is what they’re thinking but didn’t have the courage to say at the time.


Individual tracks from: Box

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