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What to Watch?

My brother is bringing a TV down this weekend! I haven't owned one in over a year and frankly haven't missed it really. I mean, not only did I have 2 years of seasons of shows I used to watch to catch up on after coming back from working on cruise ships, but then there's a whole ton of shows that I never started to begin with. So in the past year with my laptop dvd player I've caught up on so many tv shows and movies through netflix and hulu that I haven't missed the commercial filled world of new tv series at all. :)

I probably won't get full cable, but I might get basic cable... or maybe I'll just use my dvd player to stream netflix/hulu to my tv and watch DVDs. I haven't decided yet.

I still have a few shows to catch up on or finish that I have already started to watch (Dexter, TruBlood, Arrested Development...) but really right now I'm trying to decide what, if any, complete and/or canceled series I would like to start next. Here's a few on my list:
  • Jericho
  • Band of Brothers
  • Supernatural
  • Farscape
  • Prison Break
As for shows currently running... I try to catch Glee once in a while on Hulu, but I'm not a huge fan of it like everyone else seems to be - it has it's moments though. When I go to my parents I also watch their DVR'd episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" (<3 Sheldon!), "How I Met Your Mother", "The Biggest Loser" and "Grey's Anatomy" but really nothing else right now. I'm always open for suggestion though!
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