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Vidding Again OMG

So... what's it been...? Like, 5 years since I made a fanvid? Yeah, uh, something like that. Well, let's put it this way the last video I remember making was to "Brokeback Mountain" (link below) with clips of trailers and sneak peeks. ANYWHO... my point is this. I'm vidding again. Correction - I'm downloading/ripping clips/episodes in order to vid again. So SOON! YAY!!

Fandoms will include:
  • Battlestar Galactica (Mostly Kara/Lee because I <3 SEXY!PILOTS!)
  • Doctor Who (New Series)
  • Legend of the Seeker (Can't believe it got canceled - LAME!)
  • Boondock Saints (I mean, they're HOT gun totin' TWINS?? Do I need any other reason?)
Since it's been so long that I've been away from vidding/fandom and many of you I've been socializing with lately are not familiar with my previous work, I thought I'd highlight some of my most well received fanvids archived on Youtube (here: Well of the ones that haven't been taken down/restricted due to whatever lame infringement I've managed aquire in the past several years. heh But I will host some again when I get some time so I can put up some that were banned too.

Back in the day "Lord of the Rings" was MY fandom. It's the one that got me into serious vidding. I was a big Eowyn/Faramir shipper, but I especially loved Eowyn as a character. I love strong and spunky females if you haven't noticed. :)

Song: If You Could Only See - Tonic
Pairings: Eowyn/Faramir
Spoilers: Clips from all three movies - Extended Editions
Summary: I know the song doesn't seem to exactly fit with the era of the movies, but the song tells the story I wanted to tell. It's A/U but only a little and seems very plausible to me. What if Eowyn & Faramir met and fell in love before the war started? What if they wished to be married but Denethor and Theoden both refused because of the bad relations between Gondor and Rohan? Well... this is what I think could have happened.

Song: Hunter - by Dido
Pairings: Aragorn/Eowyn/Faramir
Spoilers: Clips from all three movies - Extended Editions
Summary: This vid was inspired by Maggie's (known as: Fine Eyes @ wonderful A/U fic "Caged" in which Aragorn and Éowyn get married, but she soon realizes a royal and ultimately controlled life definitely wasn't the kind of life she thought she'd wanted. Same goes for my vid. She feels trapped in her new "Queen" lifestyle and wants out. Wish there were more clips to tell the story better, but I like how it turned out mostly.

Alternatively, I also loved me some good and delicious Boromir/Anyone slash pairings. My favorite being Boromir/Aragorn. Naturally I made a video. I really should have made more, but never did. This one to Garbage's "#1 Crush" still makes me blush a little, because they're just dam hot with the eye sexing!!! :P heh

And lastly, here's a couple one-off movie vids that were well received back in the day too. BTW Please consider yourself completely spoiled if you watch any of these. Oh, and sorry for the crap video quality (by today's standards anyway) but ya know 2003-2005 was a long-ish time ago and video coding was a major pain in the butt back then

Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights - Javier/Katey - Infatuation by Christina Aguilera
Ok... so youtube blocked embedding on this one. hmm Well, here's the link directly to it anyway.
Tags: brokeback mountain, dirty dancing 2, donnie darko, fandom, fandom ships, havana nights, lotr, vid projects, vids, white oleander
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