Melissa (wand3rlust) wrote,

The Morning After

Fic: The Morning After
Title: The Morning After
Rating: PG
Pairings: Kara/Zak and Lee
Spoilers: Hints slightly at flashbacks from "Daybreak 1-3" But is otherwise is pre-mini and practically non-spoilery.
Warnings: none needed
Summary: Kara recovers from her hangover the morning after she and Lee first meet. Zak makes pancakes.
Length: 1,996 words

Author’s Note: This hints slightly at the events that take place in the flashbacks of Daybreak 1-3 but doesn't spoil anything for the series itself because it's pre-cylon attack and just a small glimpse at Kara's relationship with Zak and her confused feelings towards Lee. This is my very first published ficlet ever. Constructive criticism and correction of grammar mistakes are most welcome, but please have some mercy on my n00b self.

Kara woke to soft kisses on the back of her neck. She smiled and sighed happily.

"Morning baby." she heard Zak's deep husky voice.

"Too early." she groaned as she dug her face deeper into the pillow.

"Here, drink this and I made my famous hangover pancakes." he coaxed.

"You," she said as she rolled over to face him, "are and angel." She smiled as she took the half filled glass of juice from him.

He kissed her forehead. "Don't you forget it." He hopped off the bed to head back to the kitchen.

Kara sat up and stared out her eastern window for a moment and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She took a sip of the juice and thought about her near frak-up the night before with Lee. She ran a hand through her hair not fully understanding why she had done it and wished she had drunk enough to forget it. She knew for certain though, this thing with Zak had become more serious than she ever thought it would. Zak had always deserved someone better in the first place and it was only a matter of time before she screwed it up royally. So she reminded herself as she always had, that this was temporary and everything would end as soon as Zak graduated at the end of the year. He would be stationed somewhere far away from her. She could forget him and move on as planned.

"I'm about to devour your pancakes!" she heard Zak shout from the kitchen.

She chuckled thankful for the sudden interruption of her thoughts and hopped out of bed gulping down the last of her juice. She grabbed her favorite t-shirt of Zak's from the hamper in the closet and slid it over her head. It was green and proclaimed in faded yellow letters Caprica High Varsity Pyramid. She smiled again as she lifted the neck hole up from her chest to cover her nose and breathed in deeply. She loved it most because It always smelled like him no matter how many times he washed it.

"Nice shirt, sir." Zak winked at her as she strolled into the kitchen.

She stuck her tongue out at him playfully as she went to the sink to rinse out her glass and fill it with water. "Where are my pancakes, nugget?"

He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her stomach and kissed just behind her ear. "On the table. Just how you like it, sir." Kara's stomach lurched and she stiffened a little as the water began to over flow from the glass onto her hands. Did he know? Before she could even think about it he hummed a trail of kisses down her neck and to her shoulder. She closed her eyes smiled as a wave of heat flashed over her body. No, he certainly didn't know. After all, she was no stranger to that table or her desk or just about anywhere she could be alone with Zak and with that realization she let an embarrassed laugh escape her as she turned the faucet off and set her cup on the counter as she squirmed her way around to face him and meet his relentless kisses with her own. After a moment she pulled back and placed a finger over his lips. "Hold that thought. I really need those pancakes first."

He groaned a little letting her slip free from his arms. "I intend to collect interest on this thought," he said.

"Deal," she agreed raising her eyebrows playfully. "But first go take a shower. You still reek of alcohol babe."

"Says the pot to the kettle." he laughed shuffling off towards the bedroom.

Kara sat down to her plate of pancakes covered in raspberry sauce and a dollop of whipped cream. She took a huge bite and nearly groaned as the delicious mixture of flavors hit her tongue. Yes, she thought, he was an angel and this concoction he made was sin itself. She heard Zak start up the shower and thought for a moment of abandoning the meal to join him, but the food had started its magic and had began to calm her uneasy stomach and so she decided to finish the food now, knowing there was always later for shower fun. When she finished she set her plate in the sink and then went to lounge on the couch as she thumbed through the mail that had piled up the last few days.

Unexpectedly the door bell rang. She sat up quickly "Frak," she cursed. "Just a second!" She darted around the corner from the living room, down the hall and into the bedroom. Who was here so ungodslike early in the morning, she wondered as she looked around for some shorts to throw on. She could hear the shower had shut off and so she hollered toward the bathroom "Babe, someone is at the door. Get dressed before you wander out into the living room." She quickly pulled on a pair of gym shorts and bounded up the stairs. Slowly she cracked the door open surprised to find, "Lee?" she asked opening the door wider.

Unlike their first meeting their eyes met for only a brief second this time before he looked down. "I'm sorry to bother you so early and that I didn't call before hand. It's just, I have a transport outside waiting. I'm back to Picon today. Anyway, I can't find my watch anywhere and thought I might have left it here since I took it off to do the dishes last night."

"Right, of course," she smiled tucking a piece of hair behind her ear awkwardly, "come in."

He followed her in silence down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Sorry for the mess." she pointed towards the sink full of dishes and counter dusted with dry pancake batter.

"Well gods, how dare you not clean up before I came over." he teased breaking the tension.

Kara nodded and rolled her eyes. "Yeah, well..." she grinned, "my crystal ball was broken this morning." She glanced around the kitchen looking for his watch, but really wasn't sure what she was looking for. "Uh, just a sec, I'll go ask Zak if he's seen it. Feel free to dig around."

"Hey babe." She popped into the bedroom as Zak was slipping on a pair of his jeans.

"Lee must be here already." he noted with grin grabbing a blue plain t-shirt from a shelf.

"Yeah, so I take it you found his watch then?"

He nodded. "It's out here in the living room." he said walking out of the bedroom as Kara followed behind him.

"Gods you ugly bastard," Zak called from the hall, "just because they named you Apollo doesn't mean you actually have to rise with the sun each morning."

"Hey, one of us has to have a little discipline." Lee began, "Besides, as early as you passed out last night I thought you would have been up before dawn."

"Well, one of us has very good reason to stay in bed longer." Zak grinned raising an eyebrow towards Kara.

Kara bit her lip and laughed aloud but felt her face flush immediately when Lee couldn't help but glance towards her. She cleared her throat regaining her composure, "All right..." she trailed off. "The watch?" she looked towards Zak.

"It's in here." He opened the drawer of the table the mail was sitting on and pulled out the watch and handed it to Lee.

"Thanks man, I don't know what I would do if I really lost grandpa's watch." he strapped it back on his wrist securing it tightly. "Hey, tell you what," he smiled broadly towards Zak, " if you ever need to steal any more of my varsity shirts they're yours, no questions." he nodded towards Kara.

"Ha!" Kara huffed a laugh. "That explains so much. Well now, this sounds like the kind of story I need to hear."

"No really, Lee's transport is still charging. There's no time now. I'll tell you later."

"Oh I don't think so." she laughed. "You don't get off that easy."

Lee chuckled and shrugged at Zak, “The lady demands it.”

"So Zak," she smirked at him, "It was actually your brother who was Pyramid Varsity and not you?"

"Exactly." Lee confirmed for him. "I had been away at the Academy and when I came home for holiday leave last year he practically begged me to borrow it. I told him he could have any shirts left in the closet because they would just sit there collecting dust anyway, but of course I had to know why he asked for that one in particular."

"Dude, you're gonna kill my cool factor here." Zak laughed.

"Aww don't worry nugget," Kara kissed his cheek, "I beat that out of you months ago. Go ahead Lee, do tell. I'm sure there couldn't possibly be any nefarious intentions in acquiring your grungy varsity t-shirt."

Lee chuckled. "So anyway," he resumed, "It turns out it was this horrible plan to pick up this cheerleader from another school he'd been pining away for all year-"

"Hey," Zak interrupted, "I don't pine. She was hot."

Lee continued, "and he thought if she assumed he was a Caprica Varsity Pyramid player he would stand a better chance with her."

"So, did it work?" she eyed Zak with teasing smile.

Zak glared for a second at his brother shaking his head. "Well, of course it worked. I mean look at me. Who could resist this face." he flashed her a cocky grin.

She laughed playfully smacking his arm. "Seriously Zak? A frakin' cheerleader? Could you be any more cliche? Glad to see you grew some brains up there." she said tapping his head.

"Hey it worked on you, didn't it?"

"Hmmm, I dunno," she glanced down at the shirt then up at Zak, "maybe I picked the wrong brother." She raised an eyebrow over to Lee who shifted uncomfortably, then grinned back at Zak and laughed. "Well, in light of this news I have to make it clear you're never aloud to wear this shirt in public again. Ever. Those poor innocent cheerleaders wouldn't stand a chance against me."

Everyone chuckled but Lee laughed a little too loudly and then tried to cover as he quickly asked, "So I guess that means I can have it back then?"

Kara thought for a moment of removing the shirt and handing it back right then and there. His face might almost be worth it, but she was certain it would only make things decidedly more awkward and not in the fun kind of way. So she smiled at him and refused. "Not a chance. It's mine now."

"Fair enough," he nodded with a half smile. "Well, I should probably skip out. Picon duties call."

"Don't stay away so long next time brother." Zak smiled pulling Lee in for a hug.

Kara hugged her arms around her stomach and remembered last night's awkward goodbye with Lee, but still she couldn't keep herself from staring right at Lee's face over the back of Zak's shoulder either. He caught her glance and stared right back at her longer than was proper which sent a familiar wave of heat through her body. She bit her lip nervously and suddenly felt ashamed again at what had almost happened. She tore her gaze away and glanced down at the shirt once more. It had been Lee's long before it was Zak's and she couldn't escape the guilty secret realization that maybe it was why she had always loved the damn thing so much in the first place.
Tags: bsg, bsgfic, fandom, fandom ships, fic, kara/lee, kara/zak
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