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Where did the year go??! For me it felt like it was pulled out from under me...

Anywho... Watched "Sweeney Todd" this weekend and liked it until about the last 10 queasy minutes. You know when something is so atrocious that you start to giggle nervously? Yeah, that was me in the theater. Miraculously I managed to avoid evil stares from the other movie-goers during the fit of giggles. Actually that wasn't the only set of giggles I had. I guess I was just feeling silly, 'cause I couldn't help but chuckle as Snape, Wormtail and Bellatrix stood in the presence of Edward Scissorhands barbershop at one point. ;)

In other movie-goings I hope to catch Juno sometime today, but I might just hibernate in my room like I have been for the majority of this holiday break. My parents are both sick with nasty colds and I'm doing my best to avoid it, but I'm starting to feel a tickle in my throat so I'm not sure if my plan will succeed.

On the TV front there hasn't been much. I keep forgetting to watch the last couple episodes of HEROES but sadly I'm just not caring as much this year. I finally watched the finale episodes of LOST about a month ago and was excited for about a day and now again I just don't care that much. I think I'm just sick of TV right now. I don't know why, but oh well.
Tags: heroes, juno, lost, movies, sweeney todd, television, tv
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