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After today's Sunday ritual of football the usual 60 minutes show aired and I surfed the net as I vaguely paid half attention to what was going on. That is until the story about children suffering from malnutrition perked my ears up. This is a cause close to my heart and I'm often digging around for little ways I can help out and I think this may be another way for me. The story (link) was about a revolutionary product named Plumpynut that has been introduced to severely malnourished children and are seeing some astounding results from it.


"It's a revolution in nutritional affairs," says Dr. Milton Tectonidis, the chief nutritionist for Doctors Without Borders.

"Now we have something. It is like an essential medicine. In three weeks, we can cure a kid that is looked like they're half dead. We can cure them just like an antibiotic. It’s just, boom! It's a spectacular response," Dr. Tectonidis says.

"It's the equivalent of penicillin, you’re saying?" Cooper asks.

"For these kids, for sure," the doctor says.

No kids need it more than a group of children 60 Minutes saw in Niger, a desperately poor country in West Africa, where child malnutrition is so widespread that most mothers have watched at least one of their children die.

Why are so many kids dying? Because they can't get the milk, vitamins and minerals their young bodies need. Mothers in these villages can't produce enough milk themselves and can't afford to buy it. Even if they could, they can't store it -- there’s no electricity, so no refrigeration. Powdered milk is useless because most villagers don't have clean water. Plumpynut was designed to overcome all these obstacles.

I hope to look more into this product to see what I can do to help the cause and just thought I'd spread the word about it. This amazing little package is the equivalent of one 8 ounce glass of milk and a multivitamin and is usually provided to children to eat twice a day for a month. And the cost for a months supply for one child? $20
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