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Across the Univese

I'm in LOVE! Well, with another musical anyway. I just got back from seeing "ACROSS THE UNIVERSE" and I wasn't disappointed. I've been DYING (for over a month now) for this film to come to my city and finally this week a theater in my town got it. The film is visually stunning, the cast are all wonderful actors and the music (needless to say) is wonderful. I had already downloaded a couple of the songs a while back, but I had to download the rest of the deluxe album when came home because I was so impressed with the singers.

After falling in love with MOULIN ROUGE I thought no musical would ever hold a candle to it, but was I SO VERY WRONG. While I was excited to see this film, I had no idea that it would stand right next to MOULIN ROUGE as a spectacular musical, and may even one day surpass it. I have to say though... the first time I saw the trailer I actually thought the guy who plays Jude was Ewan McGregor and I still can't get over the similarities, I mean even his voice is very similar, but hey I'm not complaining.

Well, that's it for now. All I'll say for now is GO SEE IT! I'll gush more about it later when more people have had a chance to see it.
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