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One more (super-late) OotP Movie review

My computer has been on the fritz this past week, but I did finally see OOtP last Monday and then again yesterday. My initial reaction was that it seemed a bit drawn out. And this seems strange considering there was so much book to squeeze into the movie. It's hard for me to tell, but I think the people who've never read the books may start getting confused at this point in the series. There is so much stuff to 'set up' for the next 2 movies that it may have seemed a little on the boring side.

Also, I noticed that this movie is one big build up after another, there's all this anticipation and then nothing happens, then it builds up again and nothing happens and then finally in the last 15 minutes an awesome (but too short) battle ensues. I didn't remember as much from the book this time around (I never did re-read it) but I distinctly remember the whole time between Harry trying to find the prophecy to Sirius's death being much more emotional, scary and more spectacular, so I wish they'd have taken another 10 minutes or so to flesh those scenes out.

After watching it the again last night (while still in HP mode from being in the middle of TDH) I had the opposite reaction that everything was kind of hurried and not fully explained. Nothing went into much detail. For instance, I think from the movie it's harder to understand how totally alone Harry felt like in the book. I had this same problem with GoF though too, and there's not much the movies can do for that because it just takes *time* to establish and they don't have enough of it.

Onto the things i LIKED though. hee.
Can I just say how beautiful the cinematography was?? Lovely! I don't know why, but the scene where Harry goes to see the thestrals and there's a shot of Luna's bare feet, I LOVE that shot. But I'm strange like that sometimes. The beginning with the dementors was awesome too. The scenes where Harry dreamed about Arthur & Sirius in the Department of Mysteries had some great cinematography as well.

Delores Umbridge is the DEVIL! I swear that woman scares me more than Voldemort. And the cats! In the book it was amusing, but OMG the cats on the wall with all the pink and her triple sugar tea was just perfect in making her just that much more creepy. *shudders*

I LOVE Sirius! I LOVE Gary Oldham for this role! The stolen moments to talk, the hugs and really just the feeling of family that Harry never had... It still saddens and confuses me as to why he had to die. And speaking of his death... I know it was quick in the book too, but I bawled my eyes out in the book for pages and pages, so I felt like them silencing that scene of Harry's reaction in addition to not showing him in the mirror took away from the utter despair that could have been felt just the same in the movie. But I must say showing Lupin hanging onto Harry was a great emotional touch and I'm glad they left at least that in.

The D.A. scenes were awesome, especially the scene with all the patronouses and I'm actually kind of glad they nearly skipped over the strange and awkward Harry/Cho relationship. The kiss was weird and awkward, not romantic in the least and it didn't really matter much to the plot anyway. Speaking of relationships can I gush over Ron/Hermione for a sec? *squeeeeeeeee* So adorable! I don't know how JK did it, before I couldn't give a rats fart about the HP relationships - possibly because they were so young - but ever since book 6 she has made me a hardcore Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny shipper. Speaking of Ginny, I loved how much they had her hanging around this time and all her reactions and glances at Harry. I only wish they'd have included her in more talking scenes because their time together in that book sets up their friendship especially when she confronts him with knowing what it's like to be possessed by Voldemort.  This book is when Harry begins to see her as friend and a very talented witch and not just Ron's little sister. But again... I know there just wasn't enough time.

And one last thing... maybe it's just my extreme *fangirl* fondness of Neville (I love him almost as much as Sirius and Lupin), but I really do wish out of all the things they left out that they'd have shown everyone at the hostiptal with Neville and his parents, it's a scene that just explains so much... why Neville is the way he is, just how evil the Death Eaters really are and how close the six of them became in OotP, but there's nothing that can be done about it now. :(

OH, And! It figures that they'd finally get me to like 'new' Dumbledore... *sigh*

Over all I'm pleased with the film, but not ecstatic about it... but how could I be when the books are so excellent?! They'll never-ever compare... there's just too much character development in the books that will never make it on screen. The little thoughts, feelings and nuances that make you fall in love with these characters. I do have to say that I'm impressed that each film the actors always improve and Dan really impressed me this go round. I'm also very glad to see that the actors have stuck around for each and every film, it must be hard, worth it but still very hard for that long of a period.
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