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So You Think You Can Dance - Week 3 + Results

This week was a little disappointing except for a few shining stars. For the most part I was just plain bored so I don't know what was up with that., Let's hope we get back to the weeks where I'm saying things like "who the hell knows who's going home 'cause they were all awesome!"

The best performance of the night was *by far* Hok & Jamie's Jazz routine! Might just end up being the best performance of the season! My eyes were glued to the screen my mouth hung open in shock with a small smile of amazement as I watched that piece. Wade.... Wade is a stunning choreographer! (Marry me!!!) Just when I start to think he's getting a little repetitive he comes out with something like that dance!!! Wade can I sneak into your head for a day???

The other standout performances to me were Dominic & Sabra (still LOVE them!) and Kameron & Lacey (As much as I don't want to like them I can't help it, haha!)

Dominic & Sabra
*As much as I hated this song for their dance, the dancing was just too good and they oooooze chemistry together.

Lacey & Kameron
So cute together, but sometimes it seems a little over the top from them.

Onto the RESULTS
I only have a couple small comments.
1. WHAT DRUGS ARE THE JUDGES ON!!!???!!! Jessi was the best dancer for her solo out of all of them!!!!! Lauren stunk up the place and she should've gone home. Grrrrr!
2. I understand they probably did it for liability reasons incase Jessi gets sick again, but still! They were so TOTALLY wrong!
3. Do they seriously think that Neil is better thant Jesus?? Seriously!!?? Yes, all 3 of them were awesome dancers, but Jesus has that wonderful STAR QUALITY personality to go with his talent! Ugh!
4. Sorry, gotta repeat it again... WHAT DRUGS ARE THE JUDGES ON!!!???!!!

That is all.
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