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Fashion Show

I went out to a local fashion show last Saturday and had quite a good time. I 'lost' my good spot at the end of the runway due to a giant man with an orange shirt pushing his way in front of me. But as they say... evey problem is an opportunity in disguise. So I decided to make the most of it and headed to the 'backstage' area where all the models were lining up since I knew not many photographers were going to be there. BTW this was an outdoor fashion show, so it's not like I snuck 'backstage' for real, I just walked to the end of the sidewalk. heh! Anyway, I shot off some pics until it got to dark and then went on home. Here are some of my favorites. The legs pic is going to be framed and hung on my wall because I actually like it... and believe me I never like any of my stuff enough to hang it on my own walls. :P

18th St. Fashion Show 2007

18th St. Fashion Show 2007 IMG_2818</a>

18th St. Fashion Show 2007

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