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So You Think You Can Dance - Results Week 2

I am so very very in love with this show! Seriously! Since watching last season it has never failed to hook me in every week. Unlike American Idol when there's sometimes really boring weeks or weeks where just about everyone is bad SYTYCD is really good almost every week for the most part. And this year we have some SPECTACULAR dancers!

I was *heartbroken* to see Pasha (my fave guy right now) and Jessi in the bottom 3. Pasha really blew me away Wednesday night with his very contemporary movements and can't wait to see what he may/may not accomplish with a hip-hop routine. Jessi has been in my eye, but she's yet to blow me away, and I must admit I almost thought she was a goner with her lackluster solo.

My new favorite girl? SHAUNA!!! 1. She was *stunning* during her solo! When she said she left her heart out there you knew she wasn't lying. 2. I can't help but grin at the fact that she looks so much like girl from "Heroes" ha! I've been calling her 'the cheerleader' all week. Let's hope she can keep up that 'indestructible' momentum she just gained. :D

D'Trix & Sabra are my favorite 'underdog' couple right now. Their contemporary routine was gorgeous and I don't think anyone with a heart could not grin at their reaction of being safe. Love them!!! (couldn't find a 'reaction' vid so here's their routine)

ETA OH!! And!!! Cedric is amazing. I don't care how much he sucks at partnering he's still one of the best dancers I've ever seen! He's so very creative!!! His solos always blow me away. Let's hope Shauna can whip him into shape. :)

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