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On Safari

note to self: make new icons...

I went on a safari today!! Well not a *reeeeal* safari, but a photo safari. Each year people in the area meet up and do a contest where we all take photos for the day in one area of the city. Then, we meet up and load all our photos on the maintainer's computers. No photoshop, no tweaking, nada. Then, we go home and review our own photos and e-mail the maintainer a list of our top 10. In a few days they posts the originals on the website to be voted on. The top vote getter wins a $25 Amazon gift card, but really the contest is more for the fun of it.

I was invited through flickr last year to go, but spaced out and forgot about it. This year I made it out and had a good time, but wish I would've had more time to get to know a few more people. Anyway, here's a few of my favorites that I took today. I have to pick 10 within the next few days, so if anyone wants to look at all 35 and tell me which ones you like best it might be of some help. :D **CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ENTIRE SET**

IMG_2476 IMG_2512


IMG_2517 IMG_2412
Tags: contest, life, photography
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