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HEROES!!! *finally*

I was beginning to think I'd never find the time to watch HEROES or find all the episodes to download, so imagine my delight when visiting this past weekend to find they're showing the entire series online! Man, 3 days non-stop... I'm so in love, it's unreal. *dies* And don't get me started on the Patrelli Bros. mmmmm
Random Thoughts & Wishes for the show and it's characters.
1. In movies and t.v. shows I tend to flock towards the less mainstream characters, but Peter Patrelli has done me in.
2. I'm just DYING to see Niki/Nathan hook up again. They were HOT. And call it what you will, but I'd want them to be villains when they're together. Kinda like Sark/Lauren on Alias. Yummy.
3. Let's bring back Zach, but NOT have him hook up with Claire.
4. Speaking of Claire, I was uber pissed she turned out to be Nathan's daughter. I'm sorry, but the shipper in me was drooling over the chemistry between she and Peter, and now it could never happen without the show turning into a soap opera with Claire having 5 different fathers.*grrr*
5. I love Hiro + Ando tag team! Hope Ando's back next season, but I DON'T want him to have super powers.
6. *ahem* 'scuse my perviness for a sec, but more BroYay! please!!!
7. Sylar the super hot serial killer... yeah I hope he's back next season too, but maybe brainwashed by 'the Haitian"
8. The Haitian *REEEEALLY* needs a name.
9. Who's the guy Molly (the tracker) is afraid of? My guess: Hiro's daddy.
11. RIP Issac, you gorgeous painter you! Maybe Candice will be cool and impersonate you for a day.
12. Call me crazy, but I think Candice could have an interesting role on the show.
13. More about Ma & Pa Patrelli.
14. Some backstory on all the vetrans.
15 Niki could've been a hell of a lot more interesting on the show. I can't believe they had her in a jail cell for so long. Hope she gets a great story next season.
16. I'd like to see some villains who aren't completely evil. Like Ted & Mr. Bennet were.
17. Mrs. Matt needs to go. I don't care how she goes, but she's annoying and Matt's too good for her. Buh-bye!
18. Could we get a little more of that bad-ass, scar faced, Neo-ish, Future Peter? pretty please??!
19. MORE MOHINDER - but don't give him super powers.
20. And for goodness sake could we get a few more non-blonde women on the show who aren't evil?? Maybe a hot latin lady, or a gorgeous russian woman?  Or just bring back that really beautiful Indian woman!

Anyway, for all the hotness/hookup gushing I really do appreciate that this show keeps it's romances & hookups almost plot based. And I hope that they all stay that way in the background. I don't want this show to be like LOST that turned into the Charlie/Claire or Kate/Sawyer show. And I don't see how Heroes could top such an amazing first season they had, but I remain hopefull. :)

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