Melissa (wand3rlust) wrote,

2007 Oscars

I've been down with a crappy cold since Friday, but I did manage to catch most of the Oscars last night. Ellen was charming and I loved her going out in the audience with everyone. Too bad she really wasn't on screen very much though. For the most part the Oscars this year were kind of a snooze, but there were a few good highlights. For instance, I nearly coughed up a lung from laughing at Will Farrell and Jack black's 'comedy' musical skit. Touche... poor comedians. Poor Eddy Murphy for that matter...

And I must say that after watching the "Dreamgirls" sing live I was sure they were going to win for best song, but was pleasantly surprised to see Melissa Ethridge win. Randy Newman didn't stand a chance.

Tonight I'll probably be heading out to watch Pan's Labyrinth since I've been wanting to see it for quite a while now. And they're playing it in more theaters since it won quite a lot last night. I can say one thing for it.... I'm sitting here with the website open in another window and the soundtrack is playing in the background and it's absolutely stunning!

Well, I guess that's it for now... I'm so behind on TV shows. I really need to watch Rome and Heroes, and maybe try and catch a few episodes of American Idol if I remember.
Tags: movies, oscars, tv
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