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22 February 2006 @ 09:19 am
What an insane weekend/beginning of the week...

My brother had his daughter this weekend and she was extremely fussy and would cry if you just looked at her wrong. I love kids and all, but this weekend really made me second guess wanting to have an infant. :/ I told my mother, "That's it, I'm adopting a 2 year old that can at least tell me what is wrong when they're crying."

And on top of that the internet has been out at home, but I did vid some, so yay. :) The cable guy is supposed to be out to check out the internert problem since my brother is home today. I stayed home Monday 'cause our washing machine aggitator is broken, so the guy had to order a part and couldn't come back out until yesterday, so now the washing machine is fixed.

I'm glad I was home though because around 3:00 I was standing in the kitchen when one of my dogs just spazzed out and ran into the wall, the table and the sliding glass door! I told the vet, it was almost like he didn't know what he was doing, he was just so out of it. I calmed him down but then he was having trouble standing right, his back legs were really shaky. Of course he was fine and hyper as ever by the time the vet saw him. The vet wasn't sure what it was, but he did some blood work to make sure nothing was out of whack. He thinks it possibly could've been a small seizure, but he said animals ususally won't run like that... *sigh* who knows, I was just a little freaked yesterday. I really don't deal with stressful situations well at all...

Well since I wasn't here at work Monday or yesterday I have a lot of work to catch up on, so I'll write again later.
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22 February 2006 @ 12:40 pm
I don't think I've mentioned how much speed skating has drawn me in this year have I? *wink* Well not in the last half hour anyway. By the end of this post you're going to either be begging me to stop, or begging me for more... :D

So... due to my little crushy-gushness over Joey Cheek, I've found an equally gush worthy speed skater on Team USA. (Don't get me wrong, the rest of them are equally nice to look at and everything, but attitude -or lack of- and personality is a big perk for me, ya know?)

Meet: Kip Carpenter
I would pay $$$ to be this mans skin suit!

Meet: Kip Carpenter's thighs - guh
Borderline work safeCollapse )

Have I ever mentioned how much I have a *thing* for legs? You see, it all started with this track runner in highschool who would flash me his calves in art class... but that's another story... :D

Meet: Kip Carpenter's glorius body

DEFINITELY NOT work safeCollapse )

Ummm, was going to say more, but my brain exploded. Oh yeah, I remember. He's not only a good friend of my fave Joey, but he's also a web geek (he built and designed his own site!) and he's into photography. Unfortunately, he's got one gorgeous ex-speed skating/currently modeling Dutch girlfriend. Oh, and his name means "chicken" in Dutch. hehe. Where can I find me one of these boys? Pretty pleeeeease, I promise I'll be really really good!
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