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So.... it's the first day of the new year. A day for recovering from last night, a day to maybe catch up on some house cleaning and to maybe cook something a little more fancy than tacos or a lean cuisine. That was the plan anyway, until I discovered FantaMorph and have been obsessively playing with it all day.

You know on Conan O'Brien how they play the 'what if they had a child' game and merge 2 celebrities photos together? Well that's what FantaMorph does and it's completely addicting. Of course I jump into the gutter first thing! Sean Patrick Flanery & Norman Reedus - my favorite hot twins from Boondock Saints.

And of course we can't forget Sean Bean & Viggo Mortensen!

Then I remember reading on recently about how they'd like to see Liv Tyler and Jessica Alba genetically combined, so I give it a shot.

Then I decide Liv Tyler and Angelina Jolie would look beautiful as one person. To me it just kinda looks like Angelina with a little bit longer face. hmmm Well they're both beautiful anyway.

Then I got a particularly evil idea. What would Angelina and Jennifer Aniston look like? Surprisingly... combined they kinda look like Jennifer Garner. huh.

Speaking of Jennifer Garner... What would she and Evangeline Lilly look like? No wait, scratch that - what would Jennifer, Evangeline, and Keri Russel look like? I call it the J.J. Abrams Morph. My guess is, this is what his next 'leading lady' is going to look like. ;) heh

So, that's been the higlight of my New Years Day. I think I'll stop for now and try to keep one of my plans for today in tact. A nice meal is sounding good right about now. :) Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year!!
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