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Cleaning House

*blows off dust* Hmmmm... that lasted 5 months ha! I guess you could call me the girl with the ever-changing mind. :) But since I'm closing down I figure I could 're-activate' this jounral in a sense.

I'm not exactly the most reliable poster by any means, but what the hell... free is free, so when the fancy stikes me I still have a space to ramble/gush/rant on about celebs, books & my - now too sparse - tv & movie viewings.

Speaking of which...
LOST can bite me, and I could'nt care less if they ever come back.
Veronica Mars is ok, but it's not capturing me like the first season did. Lily needs to come back from the dead & we need more Mac! (Just steal them back from 'Big Love' already!)
The Nine is doing good, but I like to watch a few episodes at a time.
Grey's Anatomy is keeping me entertained, but I'm not really addicted to it or anything.
Heroes is still on my 'to watch' list. NBC needs to be like ABC and provide more than one episode at a time on their website. I'd like to watch from the beginning to get caught up.

Not much else is new, the new job is keeping me busy and making me dead tired at the end of the night. Fundraising outside all day for 8 hours in the cold is not only physically exhausting, but mentally exauhsting. Here's a video pretty much describing what we do all day:

Tags: fundraising, heroes, the nine, tv, veronica mars, work
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